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Installing Windows 7 using USB 3 – “Cannot Find Required DVD/USB Driver” Error and Solution

Dell Inspiron 15R USB 3 Port

As many of you will know from my constant complaining my Dell Inspiron 15R has suffered a gradual but somewhat annoying slow-down and build up of weird bugs — Microsoft Word only opens on the third attempt, after multiple attempts at reinstallation, for example.

Yesterday I decided enough was enough and it was time for some spring cleaning, so I downloaded Windows 7 Professional 64bit from The Univeristy of Hulls Microsoft Academic Alliance portal. Academic Alliance is great, it allows students of subscribing institutions to download and install free versions of Microsofts products including Windows XP, Windows 7, the Windows 8 Beta and parts of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Once my Windows download had finished I started up another bit of Microsoft Software, the “Microsoft USB/DVD Download Tool” which allows you to “Create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive” — In other words make a Windows Install Disk, or in my case an Install USB Flash Drive.

Having installed Windows 7 — and indeed 8 — from USB a few times now the process went pretty quick for me. Select the ISO, Select USB, wait a few minutes, restart the computer, press F12, select boot from USB. Simple right?

Normally, yes, if you put the USB stick in one of the old USB 2.0 ports everything will run through as you expect and you’ll have your shiny new install of Windows 7 in a jiffy — much quicker than burning and installing from DVD.

However if you, like me, for whatever reason plug your USB into one of the blue USB 3.0 ports you’ll run into problems once you’ve selected your language and keyboard type. The error will read “Cannot Find Required DVD/USB Driver”, this is because Windows 7 by default doesn’t have any drivers for USB 3 controllers, and therefore cannot interact with the flash drive in a way it expects to.

At first it took me a while to work out why, and indeed someone less computer literate than myself might not have worked it out — then again I doubt someone less computer literate than my self would be installing from USB 3.0, but i digress. So this blog post is to help anyone who may come across this error.

The fix is simple. Move the USB Flash Drive from the USB 3.0 Port (that’s the blue one) to the USB 2.0 port (that’s the black one).

I assume some other laptops and desktops may encounter similar issues, so i hope this helps a few people — if it does why not let me know in the comments 🙂



Mum, Ruby, Dad and Michael at my new Flat at the Lawns in Cottingham

(Mum, Ruby, Dad and Michael at my new Flat at the Lawns in Cottingham)

Well, I havn’t updated this blog for a few days now, which I’m annoyed to say! So I’m going to cover the last 2 days — and today in one post.


Friday was an emotional night, my last one in my home town of Dunstable for at least a few months – the last time I’d see my family for around 6 weeks, and the last time I would see my girlfriend for at least 3 weeks. I was sad to say goodbye to the people who mean the most to me, but I know its necessary for me to go further with my education and hopefully have a better life as a result, and have good fun whilst I’m at it!

My family and Jess were obviously upset too, which I found hard to deal with as I love them so!


My Computer Set Up at The Lawns

My Computer Set Up at The Lawns

Saturday I woke up at around 7:30 to get my final packing sorted and the last few pieces into the car, about 45 minutes later we set off from Dunstable to Cottingham a village just outside the City of Hull where my student accommodation is situated. The journey took us from 8:15 till 11:30 including a stop for a Burger King breakfast, which was good going on the travel front and tasty on the food front!

I then proceeded to meet the warden and get a key from my room, as well as get my stuff out of the car and move in. Within minutes of saying my goodbyes to my family I was chatting to another Computer Scientist and a chemist who were staying on the same floor as me, which was nice. I invited them in for a drink and we started chatting.

Later our entire block went to dinner together, which was nice and we had Pie, chips and new potatoes! A Right northern meal, which was wicked (and came with the northern delicacy– gravy) ! An hour or so after dinner we met our ‘freshers parents’ — two students from the year above who were to show us around, tell us the rules and then escort us to Asylum, the hull student union night club. Clubbing isn’t really my thing so I sat in the beer garden with a few friends I’ve made. It was great fun.

I came home around 12 because I was so tired from such a busy day and I wanted to chat to Jess, which I enjoyed. As soon as i hit my bed I fell asleep, which was a pleasant surprise compared to my normal insomnia.

Sunday (Today)

Today I woke up around 9:30 and just chilled in my room on my own for a few hours to catch a breather from the constant pounding of information I’ve had since I got here. At 11:30 I met up with my friend Sean who also went to Queensbury Upper School with me in Dunstable, and was in my AS/A2  Business class – we went to the Freshers Fair – which is basically a tent full of companies advertising themselves by giving you free stuff. Wicked.

I got:

  • A DVD of Public Enemies (from Microsoft for playing higher or lower and getting 8 right!)
  • A free half chicken at Nandos (for playing higher or lower and getting it WRONG)
  • Loads of leaflets
  • Dominos promotional stuff
  • A big wall chart with all of HUU’s events for the year!
Later I’m going to go to an acoustic night at the Student union, which will be fun and I’m going to get a relatively early night due to the fact my course starts at 9:30 and it lasts till 5 with only an hours break! Intensive first day or what!?
Anyway, thats all for now