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A Saturday Night at Sarries

(A Worrying Image…Shaun, Jess and I impersonating the V for Victory Hand Sign Harry Galuszka uses in all his damn uni pictures ;))

Today I spent at home, playing Minecraft with Michael (I seriously still don’t understand it) working on his website and watching TV with the family for a bit, as well as eating some tasty, tasty home cooked bacon. I like when I dont have to cook for myself :P. In the late afternoon I met Jess from work and we had a meal at the Harvester in Hockliffe who seriously need to work on their portions of chips (more than 4 or 5 would be nice)

As you can see, tonight was great fun as is every night that has even a dashing of Snakebite. We spent the whole night in the Saracens Head in Dunstable because our usual drinking hole, The Old Sugar Loaf, is under renovation and closed for a few weeks, this meant that the Sarries was the most packed I’ve ever seen it, to the point where I could only get in once someone had left for Health and Safety reasons.

We drunk probably too much before heading to KFC for a snackbox — my first in 3 months (I was previously an addict :P) and them stumbling back to Jess’ house. Good times.


This town is becoming like a Ghost town…

Sometimes you can only express your feelings toward a town with Specials Lyrics.

Traditionally my group of friends have had their weekly night out on a Thursday night – its toward the end of the week to get you in that relaxed weekend mood, the pubs are fairly full and most importantly its student night — which means cheap drink and more money left over for KFC! Seens as I leave Saturday it was evident that tonight would be my final night out in Dunstable.

I spent it with these Jokers!

My lovely girlfriend Jess and two of my close friends, Sam and Shaun — the picture sums them up perfectly.

However, these were the only people out – not just in our group of friends, but pretty much the only people out in the (usually) busiest pub in Dunstable. It shows how much of a difference the exodus of University Students makes to the town, and in just two days I’ll be one of the many who have left.

In lighter news we’ve finally managed to get round  nameserver issue which was preventing users from being able to access worldwide lighthouses — A website my brother and I work on (he provides the content, I work on the back-end systems and produce a custom content management system. Hopefully the new version of the site which is built with mobile browsing, HTML5 and faster server-side processing should be ready before I leave or shortly after.

Thats all!