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Electronics and Interfacing Exam, Coursework and Module Grade

My .NET Micro framework IR Controller with LCD Touch Screen

Robots. Infrared. Kill Switch.

3 of the more exciting terms in Computer Science, it has to be said — and also three of the integral parts of the Electronics and Interfacing module, which I haven’t spoken about much this year. This is due in part to the fact that I spent a lot more time on the other modules I took this year, and partly due to the fact that the coursework and exam for the module were both at the very end of the year.

Infact my final exam for the module was only yesterday, my last for the whole year, meaning I’m now at the end of my second year of university 🙂 Expect a second year round-up blog post soon.


The coursework we were given for the module was to build, and write the software for, two devices in a team of two. One device, a Robot, would be controlled by another device, a Controller via an Infrared link using a command and control protocol we came up with as a pair. I worked on producing the Controller whilst my partner worked on producing the Robot itself.

Below you can see the LCD Screen I programmed to show Bitmap images (don’t think anyone else did this) which could be touched to control the devices trajectory or to activate the Killswitch — which stopped the robot dead in its tracks. Next to that you can see the potentiometer which could be used to alter the speed of the robot, and finally alongside this you can see a physical button which also activated the Killswitch, for those times when the responsiveness of a touch screen wasn’t enough and you wanted to smack something! 😛

All of these items when used together were used to control Eric, our robot, whom you can see below.

Eric The .NET Micro Framework Robot

Eric The .NET Micro Framework Robot

I received a grade of 71.25% for the coursework.


The exam, which I took yesterday, focused more on the electronics portion of the module, and now the terms Ohm, Amp, Volt, Potential Difference, AC, DC, Current and Resistor and burnt into my memory forever. In addition to the questions about electronics there were a few questions on the .NET Micro Framework, Threading and other embedded programming specific tools.

As it was an electronic exam I have already received my grade and am quite happy to say I achieved 84%, though I was hoping to do a little better.


This means overall I achieved a grade of 77.6% for the module, which is my lowest grade of the year and therefore a little disappointing, but still a reasonably high first so I’m content.


Networking and Web Technologies Exam Result

This is literally all that happens in Networking

This is literally what happens in Networking

Today, at 1:30pm, I took an exam for Networking and Web Technologies. Questions ranged from asking us to explain what a piece of JavaScript code did, to explaining some of the pitfalls of SMTP (The protocol used to transfer emails) as well as explaining the use of the datagram fragmentation mechanism in the internet protocol.

Because it was an electronic assessment we got our grades back at 5:30pm and I really happy to say I got a grade of 85%.

If I combine this grade with my two other grades and account for weighting this means, subject to exam board approval, I have achieved a grade of 88% for the Module as a whole! Annoying close to that big fat 90, but I’m very happy regardless!


Systems Analysis, Design and Process Exam and Result

Image from Rob Miles' Introduction to the 08220 Module

This Image from Rob Miles’ Module Introduction Lecture Slide is what kept me sane throughout revision 😉

On Tuesday I had an Exam for the Systems Analysis, Design and Process Module. You may remember I posted about the other half of the assessment, the Mr. Bump Management System Group work before, here.

The exam mainly covered the comprehension of specifications, diagrams used in System design (State Transition, Activity, Use Case, Class, Sequence, PERT, etc) and BCS Ethics. All of which were quite interesting. 🙂

I achieved a grade of 72% — which is a first class — so hopefully, along with my Group work I will have a first class grade overall for the module.


Advanced Programming Exam and Result

C++ vs C#

Last Wednesday I had an exam for the Advanced Programming module. The exam was about the syntax and use of the C++ Language and the ability to read Assembly Language. I was fairly confident, even though I have personally developed very few C++ applications. As more of an application developer than a real time system or game developer I prefer to ease, reliability and stability of C# or other managed languages such as Java over the pure speed of C++.

Having said that, C++ and Assembly are interesting languages and by studying them I feel I have learnt a lot about programming in general, particularly optimization and how things actually work on the hardware.

The exam wen’t well, and I received a mark of 75% — a first class — which I’m very happy with 🙂

In the upcoming semester there will be a coursework and one more exam for the module. Hopefully I do as well in them as I have in this exam 🙂


SQL Database Test Result

Today I took a test for the IT and Professional Skills Module based around SQL. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is the industry standard language for interacting with databases including Creating, reading, updating and deleting data — collectively known as CRUD interactions.

Due to it being an electronic test we got instant feedback and I was pleased to discover I got 88%.

I feel that I’m continuing to do well with my course, and I’m enjoying every moment of uni, so I’m happy! 😀


Programming 2 Test Result

Today we took a test for our Programming 2 Module, and because it was an online assessment we got immediate feedback. I got 100% on questions which varied from “What is a static member?” to “What is an overloaded method?”. Can’t ask for better than that, I’m very please 🙂


IT and Professional Skills Test Result

Today I took and got my result for the Professional Writing and Communication Skills test for the IT and Professional Skills Module. Due to the test being online, on eBridge, I got instant feedback and found I got 48/60, which is 80%, a pretty high first class grade so I’m really happy 🙂


92% on QMfC Vectors and Matrices Coursework

I went to pick up my Quantitative Methods for Computing Vectors and Matrices Coursework coursework today (that’s a mouthful). I was pleasently surprised to find that I got 92%, which is pretty good, nice to see my work paid off. Oh and yes, it’s as fun as it sounds!

Got Some Results

Was feeling pretty ill today, so I didn’t manage to make it into University. Instead I did a bit of work at home, read the lecture notes and wrote my own for the lectures I missed, added sound effects to Evil Squash and Cleaned my room. I also looked up my results in a few modules, I got;

96% in programming

73.3% in Computer Systems Hardware

and 96% in IT and Professional Skills

All 1sts! Good times