Year 1 Results

Yesterday I got my module results for my First Year in Computer Science at the University of Hull. I got a first class in all 6 modules and 82.3% average grade for the year — I couldn’t be happier. Below is a breakdown of my module grades:

  • Computer Systems – 72% – First Class
  • Information Technology and Professional Skills – 77% – First Class
  • Programming 2 – 95% – First Class
  • Programming 1 – 94% – First Class
  • Quantitative Methods for Computing – 74% – First Class
  • Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction – 82% – First Class

I’d like to thank my lecturers and fellow students for such a great year! In particular to those whom I learnt and revised with, we tend to learn together in Computer Science at Hull, and its been a great help! I’d also like to congratulate my fellow first years who have done very well on the whole (hull?! :P)



Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction – Algorithm Coursework Result – 96%

Today I got my result for my Algorithm Analysis Coursework for the Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction module.

The coursework assignment was to build three C# programs from pseudo-code — an explanation in English of what the algorithm should do — and then analyse them using techniques we had learnt in the module. We then had to come up with a conclusion on the efficiency of each algorithm, and finally we had to say which “Big O” notation an algorithm was, Big O is just a measurement of algorithm efficiency.

I felt I did quite well and it seems I was right because I got a mark of 96% which is pretty good! This means there is less pressure on me for the Software Engineering exam which is in a few weeks time. Wish me luck. 🙂