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Same Task, Different Implementations

3 Windows Phones, Running 3 different versions of "Sweepy Cleaner"

3 Windows Phones, Running 3 different versions of “Sweepy Cleaner”

Nick took this photo today of 3 windows phones running three different version of  “Sweepy Cleaner”, the all action domestic cleaning game. I thought it was interesting how, given the same brief, we had all came up with different implementations. John’s version, shown on the cyan Nokia Lumia 800, has a really cool attract mode on his menus with an artificially intelligent vacuum cleaner picking up dirt, whereas I’ve gone for a metro style menu with a simple, pre set, vacuum animation. (By the way, check out Johns Blog here)

Even in the actual game we had all gone for slightly different implementations, my game (shown on the Black Samsung Focus Flash) respawns your vacuum in the middle of the screen if you loose a life by touching the edge of the screen or the furniture whereas Robs game (shown on the HTC Radar) bounces you away from said object at the speed you collided into it. Again, both ideas work, both fit the specification for the coursework, but both are different. This shows how creative programming can be. 🙂

Look out for all 3 versions of the game on the Windows Phone Marketplace soon!


Evil Squash Accepted to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Some of you may recall that in order to keep my Samsung Focus Flash my Evil Squash application had to be accepted onto the Windows Phone Marketplace by 23rd December (Today!). I had been somewhat worried about this happening seems as the application had already been denied twice due to relatively minor things (I’d mis-typed a link, which caused an application crash for my first rejection and I had debug information in 2 of my screenshots to be displayed on the Marketplace for my second rejection).

Fortunately I was contacted by Grace, a Microsoft Representative, informing me that I would be able to keep my device if the application was on some time soon as they could see I’d made the effort to get it in the store. I must say that Microsoft have treated me very well, and they’re a pleasure to work with.

In the end this didn’t matter because today I received an Email saying that Evil Squash had been accepted into the marketplace and would be available to the public soon (I’ll post as soon as I notice its available.)

The screenshot you can see above shows the developer dashboard at create.msdn.com which shows that my app has successfully passed all 3 stages of certification.

Thats all for now,