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Year 1 Results

Hull MyAdmin Results

Yesterday I got my module results for my First Year in Computer Science at the¬†University¬†of Hull. I got a first class in all 6 modules and 82.3% average grade for the year — I couldn’t be happier. Below is a breakdown of my module grades:

  • Computer Systems – 72% – First Class
  • Information Technology and Professional Skills – 77% – First Class
  • Programming 2 – 95% – First Class
  • Programming 1 – 94% – First Class
  • Quantitative Methods for Computing – 74% – First Class
  • Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction – 82% – First Class

I’d like to thank my lecturers and fellow students for such a great year! In particular to those whom I learnt and revised with, we tend to learn together in Computer Science at Hull, and its been a great help! I’d also like to congratulate my fellow first years who have done very well on the whole (hull?! :P)


Exams, Downloads and Development

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but at least that shows I’ve been busy :).

Last Monday I had my exam for Quantitative Methods for Computing, having spent the previous weekend solidly revising I think it went pretty well. Not as badly as I’d expected, not as well as I’d hoped but good enough to get me a good grade in the module overall I think.

Since then I’ve been working on some of my applications. I’ve implemented Photo Highscores into Sweepy Cleaner and Evil Squash 2 and got a lot of the features working in my Hull Computer Science Blog application which displays the blogs of all the computer scientists at my university as well as shows off some featured applications by students in a random order and allows users to go directly to their Marketplace page to download them.

Speaking of the marketplace I’m very happy to announce that Sweepy Cleaner has had over 200 downloads already — 218 to be precise — and has been enjoyed and reviewed by people as far away as America and Australia. ūüôā

Tomorrow I have my programming 2 examination, having looked over the previous 3 years’ past papers I don’t think I have anything to worry about. Programming the apps I just mentioned has almost been like revision —¬†there’s¬†nothing quite like doing something in order to revise it.

Thats all for now,


92% on QMfC Vectors and Matrices Coursework

I went to pick up my Quantitative Methods for Computing Vectors and Matrices Coursework¬†coursework today (that’s¬†a mouthful). I was pleasently surprised to find that I got 92%, which is pretty good, nice to see my work paid off. Oh and yes, it’s as fun as it sounds!

Vectors and Matrices

Today’s¬†been good, I’ve been attempting to answer a lot of questions; like those above and “why am i so terrible at halo, yet good at Modern Warfare 3?”

I woke up pretty late and made myself some cheese on toast and spoke to Jess for a while, then I spent a while on my ACW 3 for Quantitative methods for computing, which is all about vectors and matrices. Its actually been much easier than I thought it would be, which is good.

Around 5 I went for dinner and then on to Simons house for a couple of games of Halo Reach, which I must admit I am absolutely terrible at even though just a few days a go I was actualyl pretty good at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: return of the copy and pasted game engine or whatever its really called ;).

That’s all for now,

A productive day

Today was a good day. It started with my first Quantitative methods for Computing Lecture with Dr. Li which was an introduction to Vectors and Matrices, two totally foreign concepts to me. However, I found them pretty easy to understand at the basic level at which we looked at them this morning.

After the QMfC lecture I had 3 hours of free time so I decided I would use it productively rather than go home and therefore I spent some time on my ACW1 and ACW2 for QMfC. ACW1 is a¬†mathematics¬†diagnostics test of a¬†piece¬†of software called Diagnosys (I see what they did there) — ¬†to pass the module we need a pass mark of at least 40% in it by the end of the first 11 weeks of the semester. Today I finally beat that with a mammoth 41% :P. After this I then submitted my ACW2 which is a serious of logic questions we have been set over the past 3 weeks, starting off simple and ending in some pretty complex theories. (I still not sure I fully understand Logical Validity if I’m honest, choosing the premises is hard) I hope to get over 60% in both ACW’s by the end of week 11. For the remainder of the 3 hours I continued work on my Windows Phone 7 Application for Oracles ThinkQuest Competition which is coming along nicely.

My next lecture of the day was Computer Systems with Dr. Breyshaw, this was all about using logic to perform arthritic, finite state machines and the manufacture of registers on a modern Central Processing Unit. Dr. Breyshaw also took my last lecture of the day which was Programming 1 (Algorithms) which taught us about HEAPS and using them to sort as well as another sorting method called KY Merge which is used to sort two sorted lists into one in an efficient manner.

Since the end of my University day I have spoken to my family on Skype, ¬†been¬†practising¬†mathematics with Jess’ help, registered to give blood and been working on my Windows Phone 7 Application for my Oracle ThinkQuest team. I have been having some difficulty in implementing a Database for which to hold data about the users purchases, however I hope to find out how to do this tomorrow at an event which is being hosted by Microsoft for University of Hull Computer Scientists interested in Windows Phone 7 Application Development, such as myself. Exciting Stuff.¬†I shall post about how that goes tomorrow.

Thats all for now,