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Reaction to my XNA Windows Phone Theme Library

Since publishing my blog post about my XNA Theme Library I’ve had some great feedback from the Windows Phone Development Community. My lecturer and Windows Phone MVP, Rob Miles, posted a blog post about the library which you can read by clicking here.

Windows Phone Geek, a windows phone fan site, posted a blog post which is available here.

Chris Smith also pinged me an email and wrote about the Theme at DZone here, so thank-you to him for contacting me and letting me know!

All these links and general interest in the library resulted in my best ever 48 hours, as far as unique page views are concerned, since I started the blog before joining my University in September last year, So I take this oppertunity to say thank you again to all my visitors.

Remember you can download the source code and dynamic link library file for the XNA Windows Phone Theme here.

XNA Windows Phone Theme Library

Recently, whilst developing Sweepy Cleaner I found that it was a bit of a pain to get the theme colour of the phone in XNA, Microsofts Game Development API. This was frustrating, especially compared to how easy Microsoft have made it for Silverlight Applications. My solution to this issue is WindowsPhoneTheme.dll, a simple to set up, simple to use library which does what it says on the tin. It has the following features:

  • Get the following resources delivered to your XNA game code as an XNA colour
    • Phone Background Colour (Dark / Light)
    • Phone Accent Colour (Tile Colour)
    • Phone Border Colour
    • Phone Chrome Colour
    • Phone Contrast Background Colour (i.e. The opposite of the current background colour)
    • Phone Contrast Foreground Colour
  • Get the colour of any tile type. Don’t want to have to remember the RGB values for all the possible colours? Now you don’t have to.
    • WindowsPhoneTheme.blue will return you blue
    • Here are the other colours
      • blue
      • red
      • green
      • mango (orange)
      • pink
      • brown
      • lime
      • teal
      • purple
      • magenta
  • Simple Syntax
    • Just want the tile colour?

      Simple as that

    • Use intellisense for the other methods

The Windows Phone Theme Library is released under an MIT license. Do whatever you want with it, but I would love it if you credited me and emailed me to let me know you’ve done so at this email address.

To download the library and see the associated usage guide click here