Applying for Masters Degrees

This would be a silly reason to do a masters degree

I’ve spent much of tonight reading about myself, which has been kind of strange. No, surprisingly enough its not been some sort of ego-boosting session, but has instead been about rediscovering information about myself to put into my applications for masters degrees.

In the second semester of last year, over dinner, a few of my friends and I were discussing what we wanted to do in the future. What I want to do is continue with the academic route which I am on, doing a masters degree and then hopefully moving on to PhD.

At the moment I am enrolled on a Masters of Engineering course, which is what is referred as an Undergraduate masters. This means that rather than getting a Bachelors degree after three years, then doing a seperate year to get a Masters degree, I skip the Bachelors step entirely and come out of the 4 years with just an MEng. To sum it up in another way rather than have the post-nominal letters (letters after my name) “BSc(Hons), MSc”, I would simply have “MEng”.

Having learned that some academic institutions and employers prefer a potential student or employee to have gone through the traditional route of a bachelors followed by a masters, I thought I would look into the possibility of changing to do this myself. One option is to do a BSc and then an MSc at my current university, Hull, but I thought that I might as well look elsewhere too. Why not? 🙂

So over the next few weeks I expect to be very busy researching academic institutions, writing up research proposals and filling in online application forms. I’m excited to see what the future holds, and of course I’ll let you know right here on the blog!