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A Saturday Night at Sarries

(A Worrying Image…Shaun, Jess and I impersonating the V for Victory Hand Sign Harry Galuszka uses in all his damn uni pictures ;))

Today I spent at home, playing Minecraft with Michael (I seriously still don’t understand it) working on his website and watching TV with the family for a bit, as well as eating some tasty, tasty home cooked bacon. I like when I dont have to cook for myself :P. In the late afternoon I met Jess from work and we had a meal at the Harvester in Hockliffe who seriously need to work on their portions of chips (more than 4 or 5 would be nice)

As you can see, tonight was great fun as is every night that has even a dashing of Snakebite. We spent the whole night in the Saracens Head in Dunstable because our usual drinking hole, The Old Sugar Loaf, is under renovation and closed for a few weeks, this meant that the Sarries was the most packed I’ve ever seen it, to the point where I could only get in once someone had left for Health and Safety reasons.

We drunk probably too much before heading to KFC for a snackbox — my first in 3 months (I was previously an addict :P) and them stumbling back to Jess’ house. Good times.


Houses of Parliament Tour

Houses of Parliament (Picture by Michael Brown)

Today was great fun! I Started off in Cottingham and ended up at home via a great day out in London. My day started off with a rush to Hull Paragon Interchange Railway Station at which I found my debit card didn’t want to work in any of the ticket collection machines, worrying. After ten or so frantic minutes I eventually found a machine which would take my card and give me the tickets I’d paid for.

The Journey down to London was surprisingly painless having no changes and being on time, I even managed to do some work on my Windows Phone 7 Version of Evil Squash. I met Jess at kings cross and we rode the underground to Westminster where I met my family for the tour. It took around 90 minutes and was absolutely fascinating, some of the topics our expert guide informed us on were

  • How parliament works
  • The History of Parliament
  • The Role of the Monarchy and Parliament
  • Events that take place, including the opening of parliament
My Visitor Pass for Parliament

My Visitor Pass for Parliament

Unfortunately for obvious reasons the whole of the houses of parliament is a no photography zone, so you’ll have to book a tour for yourself to see all the majestic pictures, tapestries and the beautiful building in general — You can do this by emailing your local MP which for people in Dunstable  is Andrew Seleous.

After the houses of Parliament my dad treated myself, the rest of the family and Jess to a meal at TGI Fridays, which was great! After this the family returned home and Jess and I went to Tuffnell park for a DJ set by Subset at The Hideaway Bar, not a huge turnout but a great night none the less — though unfortunately cut short by the last tube to Euston at 12:10.

Thats all for now,

A productive day

Today was a good day. It started with my first Quantitative methods for Computing Lecture with Dr. Li which was an introduction to Vectors and Matrices, two totally foreign concepts to me. However, I found them pretty easy to understand at the basic level at which we looked at them this morning.

After the QMfC lecture I had 3 hours of free time so I decided I would use it productively rather than go home and therefore I spent some time on my ACW1 and ACW2 for QMfC. ACW1 is a mathematics diagnostics test of a piece of software called Diagnosys (I see what they did there) —  to pass the module we need a pass mark of at least 40% in it by the end of the first 11 weeks of the semester. Today I finally beat that with a mammoth 41% :P. After this I then submitted my ACW2 which is a serious of logic questions we have been set over the past 3 weeks, starting off simple and ending in some pretty complex theories. (I still not sure I fully understand Logical Validity if I’m honest, choosing the premises is hard) I hope to get over 60% in both ACW’s by the end of week 11. For the remainder of the 3 hours I continued work on my Windows Phone 7 Application for Oracles ThinkQuest Competition which is coming along nicely.

My next lecture of the day was Computer Systems with Dr. Breyshaw, this was all about using logic to perform arthritic, finite state machines and the manufacture of registers on a modern Central Processing Unit. Dr. Breyshaw also took my last lecture of the day which was Programming 1 (Algorithms) which taught us about HEAPS and using them to sort as well as another sorting method called KY Merge which is used to sort two sorted lists into one in an efficient manner.

Since the end of my University day I have spoken to my family on Skype,  been practising mathematics with Jess’ help, registered to give blood and been working on my Windows Phone 7 Application for my Oracle ThinkQuest team. I have been having some difficulty in implementing a Database for which to hold data about the users purchases, however I hope to find out how to do this tomorrow at an event which is being hosted by Microsoft for University of Hull Computer Scientists interested in Windows Phone 7 Application Development, such as myself. Exciting Stuff. I shall post about how that goes tomorrow.

Thats all for now,

Very, very, very Busy

A bit early for this I think, but my opinion is meaningless and, as you can see Christmas lights are up in the St. Stephens shopping centre as well as Cottingham village centre as early as the 1 November.

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last week or so — as is the life of a student I’ve been stupidly busy the last week or so, with coursework, lectures, Exams and odds and ends. Last week we had two exams which count towards our modules, one for Computer Systems (Operating Systems) and one for IT and Professionalism, so I spent a lot of time revising for this — which I think paid off, I got 82.5% in the Operating Systems exam, which I think is a pretty good grade! We’re yet to get our results for IT and Professionalism.

I have also been working on adding in “Artificial Intelligence” into Evil Squash as well as the normal lecture/labs routine. Friday night Jess came up to stay until Sunday and we had a great weekend. On Friday we went to  “Bang Tidy Frid’ys” at the Sanctuary Bar in the Student Union, on Saturday we went to Spiders for their usual alternative music saturday and on Sunday we took advantage of the “Free Pool All Day Sunday” deal on offer at the Sanctuary Bar.

Spiders Nightclub Saturday Night

Spiders Nightclub Saturday Night

Today I’ve been writing up about Logic Gates on modern CPU’s as well as checking over my ACW2 for Quantitative Methods for Computing before I hand it in, hopefully I’ll do quite well in that as well (fingers crossed). Speaking of maths, I’ve also spent a lot of time going through the notes lovingly prepared by Jess which make maths seem so simple — a lot of the problems I was having with the Diagnosys Test were that I’d never heard of the types of equations and thus didn’t know what to do. Now I do, so I plan to (hopefully) go and get myself over 40% tomorrow.

As well as the above we learn about Structures in C# today in our Programming 1 Lecture.

Anyway, Having finished going through my Maths notes in preparation for tomorrow I’m off to sleep, I’ll post again tomorrow!


Internet issues, Home Time, Evil Squash & Marrow Registration

As you can see, I love short blog titles, unfortunately having one isn’t possible due to the fact that I’ve missed almost a week of blogging, which is upsetting. I was unable to blog toward the end of last week due to a campus wide network issue which prevented anyone from logging in, therefore preventing everyone from getting on-line both at the University and at the Halls of Residence.

Friday night I headed back home to Dunstable — for the first time since I got to university —  from Hull via Doncaster and Stevenage. A map of this incredibly long journey is below.

Once I arrived I went for a pizza hut with Jess, came home for 2 and a half hours and then went round Shauns house for a sleepover, followed by an archery session in the morning, which was great, I’m pretty pro ;

Saturday night I went out for a meal with my family, including my uncle and auntie, and Jess at Vantage, which is a great Indian in Dunstable, which I would reccomend. Later than night we watched a Semi Skinned acoustic set followed by full sets by the amazing Subset and Dutch Order. I then ended up in Sugar loaf till around 2:45, which is great as always, especially in the company of Jess, Shaun, Sam & Fiona 🙂 When I finally got home I appreicated sleeping in my own bed for the first time in almost 2 months.

Sunday I just chilled out at home before a wonderful home cooked roast (which I have missed each week) and finally the journey back home.

On the way back home I started and finished (it’s a long journey…) my assessed coursework 2 for Programming — the aim of which is to build the game “Evil Squash”. Evil Squash is essentially snakes and ladders but with the added game-play mechanic that two players cannot occupy the same square. If a player enters the same square another player already occupies he can do one of two things

  1. Evil Squash – Make the player you land on go back to where you’ve come from.
  2. Squash Bounce – You get to ‘bounce’ off of the player and can roll the dice again and move forward

To pass the module you simply need to make a text based version of the game, by which the user plays by inputting their name into the console. From then on they simply allow the computer to roll the dice for them and occasionally make a decision on whether to squash or bounce — this is fun to program but diabolically boring to play therefore as one of my enhancements (an addition to the program in order to achieve more marks) I am going to build a graphical windows phone 7 version, which should actually make the game enjoyable… or not!

Yesterday I spent much of the day recovering from my long journey the previous night and then attended my lectures. During the Quantitive Methods for Computing tutorial we were given the 3rd and final question for our ACW 2, which I completed that night.

Today was my late start day, which is always nice and consisted of Computer Systems where we learn about memory and auxiliary memory interfaces and Programming where we looked over data and data types in C#. When I got back to the Lawns Centre I signed up to the Anthony Noland Trust Bone Marrow Register.

I recommend everyone does this, it can save lives and the procedure (which you have only a 1 in 1000 chance of being asked to do) is very similar to that of a blood donation (apart from it takes 4 hours and you get all your blood back). So please check out: http://www.anthonynolan.org/. I plan to give blood in november, so I better get used to needles 😛

Later in the evening I watched the film tron with Rob and his friend Simon, which was pretty good and a nice way to spend a night.

Anyway, this post is rediculously long and i feel as if Ive covered the week well.

That’s all for now,


Weekend Roundup

This weekend has been very relaxing, which has made a nice change in pace from the last few busy, busy weeks. Friday night I went to the Machine Head (some metal band) launch party at Pozition in Hull. It was a  bit different to what I would go to, it being a metal night but it was OK, it was nice to bump into a friend I’d made at the Special gig last Sunday and discuss the show!

Saturday I had a massive and — I feel — well deserve lie in. After which I started work on Rob Miles’ Blue Book. The book walks though Windows Phone 7 Application programming and after a short time tinkering had turned into a start on the Oracle ThinkQuest app. You can see a blurry sneak peak of it above.

Today I continued programming for the app with plenty of time speaking to Jess before she leaves for Paris tomorrow.

To be honest there isn’t much to say about this weekend because no much happened, which I think has been a good thing!

Thanks for Reading,

Fire Alarm!

Unfortunately this post starts with another rant about the bloody Railway Crossing in Cottingham which today decided to come down right in front of my morning bus to uni for about 6 minutes for a train with approximately 10 people on to go past.

Once I’d finally got to uni my 9:15 lecture was about Professional Conduct as an employee in the Information Technology Sector, most of it is common sense, like have a contract and stick to it and don’t do things which could be considered as illegal misuse of computers.After enduring that for an hour I had two hours to fill with eating in the Student Union and talking to Sean and Rob. Half way through this however the large magnet powered doors all shut, red lights started flashing and the fire alarm came on. This resulted in the entire SU being evacuated — you can see people leaving in the feature picture.

My next lecture was Computer Systems Operating Systems and was all about Memory Management which is a ridiculously complex process by which the OS allocated memory resources to individual processes and then feeds the addresses of the memory locations containing said processes to the processor. There are several methods which we have to learn about.

After that lecture I made my way to Cottingham to write angry letters to Student Finance, buy (extortionately priced)  envelope and stamps to send said angry letters and complete some OS homework as well as talk to Jess and eat Dinner.

My angry letter to Student Finance England - Hand Written!

My angry letter to Student Finance England - Hand Written!

That pretty much concludes my day

Thanks for Reading,