Danny on BBC Radio Humberside

Yesterday John, Nick and I were on the BBC Radio Humberside Breakfast Show to talk about the advent of the game development industry in Hull and Humberside. This was particularly relevant yesterday because there was a huge release party for Assassins Creed 3 at the Prospect Shopping Center in the City Center, including a guest apperence from one of the lead programmers on the hit game.

We were asked questions about the game itself, the game development and computer science industry and general and what it might do for the local area. 🙂 I think we were professional, sounded like we knew what we were on about and answered the questions well. I should hope so anyway as there was between 200,000 and 300,000 people listening!

The three of us were particularly pleased because at the end of the show one of the producers said that if we ever had any games that we had made we could go back and plug them on the show! Maybe you’ll be hearing about TOAST live on air in the near future 😉 For now you can listen to us by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone at BBC Radio Humberside for having us on and Rob Miles for setting up the opportunity for us.