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Back in Hull

I’ve just got back to the Lawns after an eventful, fun 3 weeks at home in Dunstable. I did loads of cool stuff whilst at home — from climbing up The Clock tower of the Houses of Parliament (commonly, but incorrectly known as Big Ben) to going jousting and most important seeing my friends and family who I’ve missed.

I’m glad to be back though, It means I have 4 distraction-free days to get on with the work I’ve wanted to do over the holiday.

I’ll keep the blog up to date with what I’m doing over the remainder of this semester and of course the dreaded exam period!



Houses of Parliament Tour

Today was great fun! I Started off in Cottingham and ended up at home via a great day out in London. My day started off with a rush to Hull Paragon Interchange Railway Station at which I found my debit card didn’t want to work in any of the ticket collection machines, worrying. After ten or so frantic minutes I eventually found a machine which would take my card and give me the tickets I’d paid for.

The Journey down to London was surprisingly painless having no changes and being on time, I even managed to do some work on my Windows Phone 7 Version of Evil Squash. I met Jess at kings cross and we rode the underground to Westminster where I met my family for the tour. It took around 90 minutes and was absolutely fascinating, some of the topics our expert guide informed us on were

  • How parliament works
  • The History of Parliament
  • The Role of the Monarchy and Parliament
  • Events that take place, including the opening of parliament
My Visitor Pass for Parliament
My Visitor Pass for Parliament

Unfortunately for obvious reasons the whole of the houses of parliament is a no photography zone, so you’ll have to book a tour for yourself to see all the majestic pictures, tapestries and the beautiful building in general — You can do this by emailing your local MP which for people in Dunstable  is Andrew Seleous.

After the houses of Parliament my dad treated myself, the rest of the family and Jess to a meal at TGI Fridays, which was great! After this the family returned home and Jess and I went to Tuffnell park for a DJ set by Subset at The Hideaway Bar, not a huge turnout but a great night none the less — though unfortunately cut short by the last tube to Euston at 12:10.

Thats all for now,


Things to look forward to…

Today was a pretty average day, tomorrow however are I’m attending some extra XNA lectures and the weekly Computer Society Fragfest! Fun fun fun 🙂 Today I also bought my train tickets to London to have a tour round the houses parliament on November 11th!

Its only 3 days till my next train journey, speaking of trains, I’m back home in Dunstable Friday – Sunday! 🙂

Lots of exciting things coming up!