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Granddad Invasion: Battle of The Gas Works – A Quick Peek

Nick stayed for the judging Saturday night for three thing game. Here is a video of him explaining the game to the judges. As he explains this is a mere husk of what was a much better game due to an issue with a file loss just an hour previous, which took all of the good parts of the game with it.


Three Thing Game – Thursday and Friday

In about 10 hours we’ll be starting our 24-hour straight game development weekend.

I’m really excited, this is partly because its my first Three Thing Game competition, and everyone who’s done it previously raves about it being a great experience, and partlybecause I’m so proud of what my comrades (I’m bringing that word back) and I have achieved together over the past week.

I think we have a Solid game idea and a wicked implementation, which of course I’m not going to talk about just yet, competitive advantage and all that.

What I am going to talk about is my Live blog, which will be on-line from about 11am tomorrow until we finish at 11am on Sunday. It’ll be hosted on dantonybrown.com, but I will post the link to view it here on this blog, so check back tomorrow!

I’ll be using the “Cover It Live” platform, much like Engadget does for its live blogs, so expect to be able to comment and to see pictures of the event in real time! How exciting!

So, its probably time for a good night of rest before the long stay-up,