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All aboard the Employment Train


One of the questions I had to answer for both myself and interviewers was “What do you want to achieve in your first job?”. My answer was always a quote I read on a blog by a programmer hero of mine, Jeff Atwood. He said you should, as a junior software engineer, “endeavor to be the dumbest guy in the room” which simply means place yourself around intelligent experienced programmers and learn! This is what I wanted to do and I’ve been fortunate enough to be hired by a company that has an environment that will allow me to do that – thetrainline.com.

thetrainline.com sells train tickets in the UK and Europe both from its own website and by providing the software for Train Operating Companies such as Virgin Trains and First. They operate out of an office in Farringdon, one tube stop from London Kings Cross station.

I start in late September and honestly cannot wait to learn and earn with them. My official job title will be “Agile Developer”.

A big thank you is in order to Teck Loy Low who I met on The Hacktrain and subsequently put me in contact with thetrainline. If this isn’t a good advert for getting yourself involved with hackathons and the like I don’t know what is.