The Olympic Torch Comes To Dunstable

Today the Olympic Torch came to my home town of Dunstable, for some reason it was scheduled for 7:30am — but it was well worth getting up for.

The first thing that came into sight were the Police motorbikes, to be fair all of the officers from Bedfordshire police looked genuinely happy and seemed helpful, even high-fiving people as they drove past and holding peoples babies for photos. After the bikes was an Olympics car and bus. The bus held about 10 back-up golden torches and some of the relay runners who were going to be running the torch later in the day.

The Olympic BMW
The Olympic BMW
The Olympic Bus containing Torches and Runners
The Olympic Bus containing Torches and Runners

Before you see the actual torch there is a precession of several vans from each of the relay sponsors – Coca Cola, Samsung and Lloyds TSB. To be honest it sort of annoys me that nothing can be pure nowadays and without an “official drink sponsor”, “official banking partner” etc., but I understand why it has to happen — these games aren’t cheap and to be honest neither is something as “simple” as a torch relay.

The First of the Sponsor Vehicles - Samsung
The First of the Sponsor Vehicles – Samsung
The Second Sponsor Vehicle - Coca Cola
The Second Sponsor Vehicle – Coca Cola
The First "Sighting" of the Flame ;)
The First “Sighting” of the Flame 😉
The Over Enthusiastic Women from Coca Cola "WE ARE COCA COLA"
The Over Enthusiastic Women from Coca Cola “WE ARE COCA COLA”
Finally The Last Sponsor Vehicle - Lloyd's TSB
Finally The Last Sponsor Vehicle – Lloyd’s TSB

You can see a lot of effort went into planning the whole thing, getting a big enough police presence and making sure everyone had fun, safely.

Police Motorcycle - He later went on to 'High 5' members of the crowd!
Police Motorcycle – He later went on to ‘High 5’ members of the crowd!

After all that we finally got our first glimpse of the torch itself with a runner who we were told was called Sarah.

The Olympic Torch - Dunstable - Sarah
The Olympic Torch – Dunstable – Sarah
The Olympic Torch - Dunstable - Sarah
The Olympic Torch – Dunstable – Sarah
And off she goes...
And off she goes…

Once the woman had gone past us my Dad and I ran through an area known as the Quadrant to get to the other main road in the town, just in time to see the torch handed over from Sarah to a man who was disabled from the neck down — it was quite an inspirational moment.

The Start of the Handover
The Start of the Handover
Handover - New Torch Being Lit
Handover – New Torch Being Lit
And we're off again!
And we’re off again!

And here is a video of the Torch being ran by the man

A thoroughly enjoyable day for all! I look forward to seeing the torch again soon as I was recently informed that thanks to my Olympics games maker interview I have been given a ticket to the rehearsal of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, which will be absolutely fascinating! I can’t wait!


Life University

Back in Hull

I’ve just got back to the Lawns after an eventful, fun 3 weeks at home in Dunstable. I did loads of cool stuff whilst at home — from climbing up The Clock tower of the Houses of Parliament (commonly, but incorrectly known as Big Ben) to going jousting and most important seeing my friends and family who I’ve missed.

I’m glad to be back though, It means I have 4 distraction-free days to get on with the work I’ve wanted to do over the holiday.

I’ll keep the blog up to date with what I’m doing over the remainder of this semester and of course the dreaded exam period!



A Saturday Night at Sarries

(A Worrying Image…Shaun, Jess and I impersonating the V for Victory Hand Sign Harry Galuszka uses in all his damn uni pictures ;))

Today I spent at home, playing Minecraft with Michael (I seriously still don’t understand it) working on his website and watching TV with the family for a bit, as well as eating some tasty, tasty home cooked bacon. I like when I dont have to cook for myself :P. In the late afternoon I met Jess from work and we had a meal at the Harvester in Hockliffe who seriously need to work on their portions of chips (more than 4 or 5 would be nice)

As you can see, tonight was great fun as is every night that has even a dashing of Snakebite. We spent the whole night in the Saracens Head in Dunstable because our usual drinking hole, The Old Sugar Loaf, is under renovation and closed for a few weeks, this meant that the Sarries was the most packed I’ve ever seen it, to the point where I could only get in once someone had left for Health and Safety reasons.

We drunk probably too much before heading to KFC for a snackbox — my first in 3 months (I was previously an addict :P) and them stumbling back to Jess’ house. Good times.


Life University

Internet issues, Home Time, Evil Squash & Marrow Registration

As you can see, I love short blog titles, unfortunately having one isn’t possible due to the fact that I’ve missed almost a week of blogging, which is upsetting. I was unable to blog toward the end of last week due to a campus wide network issue which prevented anyone from logging in, therefore preventing everyone from getting on-line both at the University and at the Halls of Residence.

Friday night I headed back home to Dunstable — for the first time since I got to university —  from Hull via Doncaster and Stevenage. A map of this incredibly long journey is below.

Once I arrived I went for a pizza hut with Jess, came home for 2 and a half hours and then went round Shauns house for a sleepover, followed by an archery session in the morning, which was great, I’m pretty pro ;

Saturday night I went out for a meal with my family, including my uncle and auntie, and Jess at Vantage, which is a great Indian in Dunstable, which I would reccomend. Later than night we watched a Semi Skinned acoustic set followed by full sets by the amazing Subset and Dutch Order. I then ended up in Sugar loaf till around 2:45, which is great as always, especially in the company of Jess, Shaun, Sam & Fiona 🙂 When I finally got home I appreicated sleeping in my own bed for the first time in almost 2 months.

Sunday I just chilled out at home before a wonderful home cooked roast (which I have missed each week) and finally the journey back home.

On the way back home I started and finished (it’s a long journey…) my assessed coursework 2 for Programming — the aim of which is to build the game “Evil Squash”. Evil Squash is essentially snakes and ladders but with the added game-play mechanic that two players cannot occupy the same square. If a player enters the same square another player already occupies he can do one of two things

  1. Evil Squash – Make the player you land on go back to where you’ve come from.
  2. Squash Bounce – You get to ‘bounce’ off of the player and can roll the dice again and move forward

To pass the module you simply need to make a text based version of the game, by which the user plays by inputting their name into the console. From then on they simply allow the computer to roll the dice for them and occasionally make a decision on whether to squash or bounce — this is fun to program but diabolically boring to play therefore as one of my enhancements (an addition to the program in order to achieve more marks) I am going to build a graphical windows phone 7 version, which should actually make the game enjoyable… or not!

Yesterday I spent much of the day recovering from my long journey the previous night and then attended my lectures. During the Quantitive Methods for Computing tutorial we were given the 3rd and final question for our ACW 2, which I completed that night.

Today was my late start day, which is always nice and consisted of Computer Systems where we learn about memory and auxiliary memory interfaces and Programming where we looked over data and data types in C#. When I got back to the Lawns Centre I signed up to the Anthony Noland Trust Bone Marrow Register.

I recommend everyone does this, it can save lives and the procedure (which you have only a 1 in 1000 chance of being asked to do) is very similar to that of a blood donation (apart from it takes 4 hours and you get all your blood back). So please check out: I plan to give blood in november, so I better get used to needles 😛

Later in the evening I watched the film tron with Rob and his friend Simon, which was pretty good and a nice way to spend a night.

Anyway, this post is rediculously long and i feel as if Ive covered the week well.

That’s all for now,


Web Design

This town is becoming like a Ghost town…

Sometimes you can only express your feelings toward a town with Specials Lyrics.

Traditionally my group of friends have had their weekly night out on a Thursday night – its toward the end of the week to get you in that relaxed weekend mood, the pubs are fairly full and most importantly its student night — which means cheap drink and more money left over for KFC! Seens as I leave Saturday it was evident that tonight would be my final night out in Dunstable.

I spent it with these Jokers!

My lovely girlfriend Jess and two of my close friends, Sam and Shaun — the picture sums them up perfectly.

However, these were the only people out – not just in our group of friends, but pretty much the only people out in the (usually) busiest pub in Dunstable. It shows how much of a difference the exodus of University Students makes to the town, and in just two days I’ll be one of the many who have left.

In lighter news we’ve finally managed to get round  nameserver issue which was preventing users from being able to access worldwide lighthouses — A website my brother and I work on (he provides the content, I work on the back-end systems and produce a custom content management system. Hopefully the new version of the site which is built with mobile browsing, HTML5 and faster server-side processing should be ready before I leave or shortly after.

Thats all!


Web Design

Welcome to Danny – Computer Scientist


Welcome to my small portion of the internet, I’ve been intending to start blogging for a reasonable time now – and during this time of change I thought it was as good a time as any. The time of change is of course the change from living at home with my parents in Dunstable to starting university in Hull.

I was inspired to start writing — hopefully daily —  by the film ‘The Social Network’ in which Mark Zuckerberg blogs almost compulsively during his time studying computer science (the same course as me!) at Harvard during the initial stages of the creation of Facebook.

I intend to post mainly about my Computer Science studies but also about some web design work I will be doing in order to make a bit of money on the side. Speaking of web design work, today I managed to find a new customer – a local bee keeper who wants to sell his honey on-line and modernize his website, this may result in two websites and a nice bit of money for me. I can’t wait to get on with it!

Thanks for reading!