I first created this blog in September 2011 in preparation for the start of my undergraduate degree — the idea being that I would chronicle my time at university both in terms of what I learnt and the fun I was having.

Not being able to get a domain using my name (there are 1,574 people in the US called Danny Brown according to the US Census Bureau) I stuck on the name “dannycomputerscientist”, perhaps somewhat presumptuously considering I hadn’t even started my Computer Science degree.

256 blog posts later I’m still here blogging about Computer Science but also about my hobbies and holidays. A change of domain name to something shorter, more memorable and easier to communicate made sense — so when I discovered that was still available to purchase I jumped at the chance.

So for the time being I — reluctantly — remain on but now the blog is known as, and accessible by,

I hope you continue to enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.


Life is dead, long live

As a bit of an early Christmas present in early December my parents bought me the domain

I was really pleased with this because I’ve spent the last few months trying to contact the current owners of domains which are suitable for my name, but to no avail. Having such a common name has made it difficult to get a great domain, but I’m very pleased with this one.

The main reason I made the switch is that I grew tired of having to spell out my old domain — —  to people, quite often they would think it was D Anthony just rolls of the tongue easier, is easier to spell and remember and is shorter.

It also has a slight double meaning, in that I mainly develop using the Microsoft Common Language Runtime also known as The .NET Framework.

At the moment the domain just shows this blog, but I hope to write a full portfolio website soon.