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Hull CS Blogs for Windows 8 Version 2.0 Released

Since I changed my domain from to my Hull Computer Science Blogs application has experienced a few difficulties. This is because it looks for a list of Contributors (blog writers) from the old domain, which I totally forgot about before I let it expire.

Having noticed the problems I set out fixing it right away. Whilst doing this I also added a few extra features.

I completely rewrote the user interface, making it more touch friendly, scale-able across all screen sizes and including a snapped view for every page. Below is a gallery detailing all the changes, in each instance the old UI is shown above and the new improved UI is below:

I also added in ATOM support so you can now enjoy the blog feeds of people who use the standard which competes with RSS, such as those who use Google’s Blogger Platform to post. This includes Dr. David Parker amongst others.

You can download the application here or just go to the Windows 8 Store to complete the upgrade now.

I hope you enjoy the app, and as always I love any feedback you may have!


Life is dead, long live

As a bit of an early Christmas present in early December my parents bought me the domain

I was really pleased with this because I’ve spent the last few months trying to contact the current owners of domains which are suitable for my name, but to no avail. Having such a common name has made it difficult to get a great domain, but I’m very pleased with this one.

The main reason I made the switch is that I grew tired of having to spell out my old domain — —  to people, quite often they would think it was D Anthony just rolls of the tongue easier, is easier to spell and remember and is shorter.

It also has a slight double meaning, in that I mainly develop using the Microsoft Common Language Runtime also known as The .NET Framework.

At the moment the domain just shows this blog, but I hope to write a full portfolio website soon.


Mobile Application Development Programming University

Three Thing Game – Thursday and Friday

In about 10 hours we’ll be starting our 24-hour straight game development weekend.

I’m really excited, this is partly because its my first Three Thing Game competition, and everyone who’s done it previously raves about it being a great experience, and partlybecause I’m so proud of what my comrades (I’m bringing that word back) and I have achieved together over the past week.

I think we have a Solid game idea and a wicked implementation, which of course I’m not going to talk about just yet, competitive advantage and all that.

What I am going to talk about is my Live blog, which will be on-line from about 11am tomorrow until we finish at 11am on Sunday. It’ll be hosted on, but I will post the link to view it here on this blog, so check back tomorrow!

I’ll be using the “Cover It Live” platform, much like Engadget does for its live blogs, so expect to be able to comment and to see pictures of the event in real time! How exciting!

So, its probably time for a good night of rest before the long stay-up,


So, I’ve gone ahead about bought my own custom domain for all my content and hopefully, in the future, a pretty impressive portfolio.

The site itself is hosted on Freeside, the University of Hull’s Free and Open Source Software Student Run Organisation, which is great because it’s free as in beer and free as in speach. This means there’s no cost to myself financially and I can physically access the server that hosts my webpages if need be, as the servers are in the Robert Blackburn building at The University of Hull.

As you can see from the above screenshot my user interface is heavily inspired by Microsoft’s Metro Design language, as made famous by the Windows Phone 7, Xbox and “Windows Codename 8” platforms.

So far I have pages for showing off my work – both applications and websites – as well as “about” and “blog” pages which are more about me as a person and potential employee.

As you will see if you head over to not all the functionality is there (particularly the Blog – which will be moved from here to there) and not everything is 100% done yet, but I’m working on it.

So, I’d appreciate any feedback anyone has.