Course Rep Training

Yesterday I went for my course representative training in which we learnt about how the Hull University Union works, what we are expected to do to fit in to that and how to be a great, approachable course representative who gets things done for their coursemates.

We also learnt more about the university as a whole, our moral obligations to both the union and our fellow students. In addition to that we met a whole bunch of new people šŸ˜€

Part of the training was creating theĀ monstrosityĀ of a picture you can see above. It’s supposed to be the idealization of the perfect lecturer, each feature he has contains an alternate meaning:

  • He has a big head and a brainĀ protrudingĀ from it showing intelligence
  • He has a captains hat & mustache to show he’s in authority and gets things done
  • He has big ears to show he listens to his students problems
  • The monocle shows he is classy
  • He has a big smile to show he is easily approachable
  • Under his suit, which shows hes professional, he has a superman outfit because hes great!
  • He has a penguin on his shoulder, which was initially meant to be a parrot but im rubbish at drawing šŸ˜› So it become the first and only penguin ever able to fly because of how inspirational the lecturer is
  • He has a thumb up to show he actually solves problems
  • And most importantly he has jet engines for feet to show how he quickly deals with issues

Course rep training was a funĀ experienceĀ and I can’t wait to start making a difference to the Department of Computer Science and the University as a whole, for the better šŸ™‚



Danny Brown – Course Representative

A few weeks ago I applied to be a courseĀ representativeĀ for Diploma Stage (Second Year) students within the Computer Science department at the University of Hull. Yesterday IĀ receivedĀ an email congratulating me on having been accepted as a Course Rep for the year :).

The role of a course rep is to interface with both their fellow students and the department/faculty in order to make sure the quality of life and education is as good as possible for each student. Therefore if you have any issues with anything on the course you shouldn’tĀ hesitateĀ to contact me or one of my fellow course reps through our university emails, or in person — this can be done confidentially.

My fellow student reps include my housemateĀ James Czerwik-Hampshire as well asĀ Scott Sanderson,Ā Ryan Mitchell andĀ Marty Hoyle

I look forward to trying to improve the department, starting with training next week!