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Weekend Roundup

This weekend has been very relaxing, which has made a nice change in pace from the last few busy, busy weeks. Friday night I went to the Machine Head (some metal band) launch party at Pozition in Hull. It was a  bit different to what I would go to, it being a metal night but it was OK, it was nice to bump into a friend I’d made at the Special gig last Sunday and discuss the show!

Saturday I had a massive and — I feel — well deserve lie in. After which I started work on Rob Miles’ Blue Book. The book walks though Windows Phone 7 Application programming and after a short time tinkering had turned into a start on the Oracle ThinkQuest app. You can see a blurry sneak peak of it above.

Today I continued programming for the app with plenty of time speaking to Jess before she leaves for Paris tomorrow.

To be honest there isn’t much to say about this weekend because no much happened, which I think has been a good thing!

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The loss of a Computing Visionary & The Creation Of A Cinema Age Validation Program

The Student Union Building at Hull

I will start this post with an admission, as anyone who has even spoken to me on the topic of Apple Inc or any of their products will tell you I really really dislike the company, their ideology, their methods, their attitude and their products. None of it sits well with my thoughts and feelings about computing. This isn’t an anti-jobs thread though — I must admit I was shocked and saddened to hear of Steve Jobs death when I woke up this morning and I think it is a great loss to the computing world and the world as a whole in some regards.

Perhaps the things that are most important that Steve Jobs and Co have left us are the popularisation of WIMP interfaces (you’re most likely using one now to see this post) and the idea of Hard-Drive based Portal Media Players — known to you and me as the iPod. Products such as smartphones, tablets and even app stores are great but Microsoft got there first on all 3 counts, Apple really innovated with the iPod and with pushing WIMP style interfaces though.

In the regard of how Jobs desire for “grandma friendly” computing really helped to push it to the masses I think he succeeded in his aim of “making a dent in the universe” and both himself and apple will be remembered for a long time.

In happier news though for programming 1 today I went well beyond the expectation in one of my frees and completed a WinForms based cinema age validation programme, which I will make available for a (rather pointless) download soon 🙂

As im extremely tired after 5 hours of labs/lectures today I bid thee goodnight!

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