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Regtransfers for Windows 8 – Available Now!

Some of you may remember a post from a few months ago about an application I was developing for Windows 8 for the Cherished Number Plate Dealer Regtransfers Ltd. Since then it has been put on the back burner a bit because of other commitment, but as of today you can download it from the Windows Store.

The app has undergone a few changes since I last blogged about it, including replacing the YouTube video feed with a feed of recent celebrity interviews and removing twitter altogether, due to changes in their API. On top of this I have added a name search, which finds numberplates that might interest you based on your name.

Below you can see a gallery showcasing the features of the app:

I really hope people enjoy using the new application, I put a lot of work into making it a nice and native-feeling application. This seems to work because, as of the time of writing, the app has all 5 star reviews.

You can download the application by searching for “Regtransfers” in the Windows 8 Store or by clicking here.

I will be releasing an update on October 16th adding in support for a lot of the new exciting Windows 8.1 features, including being able to embed magazine PDFs directly within the application. Until then, if you have any feedback don’t hesitate to contact me!



A productive day

Today was a good day. It started with my first Quantitative methods for Computing Lecture with Dr. Li which was an introduction to Vectors and Matrices, two totally foreign concepts to me. However, I found them pretty easy to understand at the basic level at which we looked at them this morning.

After the QMfC lecture I had 3 hours of free time so I decided I would use it productively rather than go home and therefore I spent some time on my ACW1 and ACW2 for QMfC. ACW1 is a mathematics diagnostics test of a piece of software called Diagnosys (I see what they did there) —  to pass the module we need a pass mark of at least 40% in it by the end of the first 11 weeks of the semester. Today I finally beat that with a mammoth 41% :P. After this I then submitted my ACW2 which is a serious of logic questions we have been set over the past 3 weeks, starting off simple and ending in some pretty complex theories. (I still not sure I fully understand Logical Validity if I’m honest, choosing the premises is hard) I hope to get over 60% in both ACW’s by the end of week 11. For the remainder of the 3 hours I continued work on my Windows Phone 7 Application for Oracles ThinkQuest Competition which is coming along nicely.

My next lecture of the day was Computer Systems with Dr. Breyshaw, this was all about using logic to perform arthritic, finite state machines and the manufacture of registers on a modern Central Processing Unit. Dr. Breyshaw also took my last lecture of the day which was Programming 1 (Algorithms) which taught us about HEAPS and using them to sort as well as another sorting method called KY Merge which is used to sort two sorted lists into one in an efficient manner.

Since the end of my University day I have spoken to my family on Skype,  been practising mathematics with Jess’ help, registered to give blood and been working on my Windows Phone 7 Application for my Oracle ThinkQuest team. I have been having some difficulty in implementing a Database for which to hold data about the users purchases, however I hope to find out how to do this tomorrow at an event which is being hosted by Microsoft for University of Hull Computer Scientists interested in Windows Phone 7 Application Development, such as myself. Exciting Stuff. I shall post about how that goes tomorrow.

Thats all for now,