University - Masters

MODE Assessment 1 Coursework Result – 72%

At The University of York each module has a four letter code, MODE stands for Model-Driven Engineering. MODE is one of the first modules I have taken as part of my MSc in Advanced Computer Science. The lecture series has actually already finished because modules here are only 4 weeks long, as opposed to 12, but have many more lectures per week.

Model-Driven Engineering is the process of developing software with models as first class citizens, which can then optionally be used to generate code.

In our coursework we have been using Eclipse Epsilon, a package developed here at The University of York, to develop a metamodel of a Media Library, a set of constraints for that metamodel and finally some queries to find out information about any model which conforms to that metamodel.

The coursework consisted of a number of firsts for me:

  • My first coursework completed entirely on Linux and OS X
  • My first coursework report written entirely in LaTeX
  • My first mitigating circumstances — unfortunately I missed quite a few lectures due to acute appendicitis.

Fortunately after my small bout of bad health I quickly managed to catch up with the program of study and managed to submit my coursework 6 days after everyone else. A few days ago I got my results back and am happy to say I got 72%.

At masters level rather than awarding degrees with a classification such as 1st class, upper second class etc. degrees are awarded as either:

  • Pass (50-59%)
  • Pass with Merit (60-69%)
  • Pass with Distinction (70%+)

Therefore this mark was a pass with distinction, a good start to the degree!

This coursework was worth 40% of the module overall and I am currently completing the second coursework which builds on top of this and requires us to build a graphical editor and reporting system for our metamodel.

I will of course keep the blog up to date with this module and the others I am currently enrolled on.


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