University - Masters

Starting at York

Five days ago I arrived at The University of York, prepared to start my life as a postgraduate — studying an MSc in Advanced Computer Science. It feels like it was only yesterday I was writing a similar blog post about starting my BSc at The University of Hull.

During my first week I’ve basically been settling in, meeting new people and fixing up odds-and-ends, such as joining the gym. I’ve also been on a few nights out with my fellow postgraudates, and everyone seems pretty friendly and good fun :). York has a Graduate Students’ Association, which is like a seperate student union for postgrads, and so far their events have really helped me to meet new people.

Tomorrow all postgraduates will be officially welcomed by the Vice Chancellor to the university in a ceremony in the university’s central hall.

Saturday is the official start of freshers week, when the undergraduate students will join us on heslington east — which I’m looking forward to because it’s a bit of a ghost town here at the moment.

On Monday I’ll have my first official contact with the Department of Computer Science itself, with registration, a welcome lecture and an introduction to the labs.

I can only hope I am lucky enough to have as great a time here as I did in my undergraduate degree at Hull 🙂

I will of course keep the blog up-to-date on my time at York.

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