Semester 1 Year 3 Module Results

Year 3 Semester 1 Module Results

Today everyone at the University of Hull got their results for semester 1 of this year, including myself.

Semester 1 this year was almost certainly the most challenging semester I have taken so far at university, as you might expect. This increase in difficulty meant I had to put in even more effort and be even more determined than in previous years — therefore I was both pleasantly surprised, and extremely happy with my results — 90% for “Data Mining and Decision Systems” and 83% for “Languages and Their Compilers”.

These grades, combined with my grades from last year, put me in a very good position to get a first class degree, which of course I’m very happy about.

I will of course keep the blog updated over the rest of this final year.


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2 responses to “Semester 1 Year 3 Module Results”

  1. PhilC says :

    Congratulations. That mark in 08348 is impressive. In my opinion the hardest & best module in the catalog.

    • DanTonyBrown says :

      Thanks Phil. I loved 08348, and I agree with you, easily the best module offered to CS students here at Hull.

      An added benefit is how well it fits in with my Final Year Project! 🙂

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