Student Money Saving Tip – Spotify Premium

As anyone who has spoken to me about digital music services will know I’m a huge advocate of Spotify, especially its premium service. I don’t think its acceptable to pirate digital products, especially when I myself intend to make a living from selling digital work, but I also like to have access to unlimited amounts of music at any time without having to pay on a track-by-track basis, in case I drop £10 on a CD only to find I don’t really like it. Spotify allows the best of both worlds, I can stream and download unlimited music on my phone, tablet and computer and the artists still get paid — all for only £9.99 a month.

However, if you’re a student it doesn’t even normally cost this. The last two years I have bought an NUS card, but I’ve only ever made two purchases with said NUS cards — each being a 1 year subscription to Spotify. This worked out as a great money saver because an NUS Card is £12, but it makes Spotify premium only £4.99 a month, so in 2 and a half months of music you break even and for the rest of the year you make a “profit”.

However this year I noticed a new service has started up called UniDays. UniDays authenticates that you are a student using the Athens Service, and allows you to get the same 50% off offer that the NUS card allows, however it costs absolutely nothing, another £12 saving! If you’re a University of Hull Student to log into Athens you just put the letters ‘hul’ in front of your 6 digit user ID. e.g. hul400000 and use your usual university password. 🙂

I hope this saves someone else some money!


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