Microsoft Student Partner University

The University of Hull Microsoft User Group

Part of my job as a Microsoft Student Partner is to inspire people to use, love and develop technology. I, for one, am absolutely passionate about what I do, and love every second of development and learning that comes along with my degree. I know many other people at my University are the same — you have to be to do well, in my opinion. I wanted there to be a place for people like this to come together and collaborate, particularly if they’re interested in Microsoft technologies — So I made one.

Technology Enthusiasts, welcome to The University of Hull Microsoft User Group.

The user group, which you can find on Facebook here, is a place for people to come together and talk about Microsoft Technologies, ask for help with using them or developing for them and to make friends with similar interests. Just ‘Like’ the page to get started.

As the Admin of the group I will provide you with information I think might be useful, make you aware of events all over the country that would be useful for you and help you find any information, contacts or resources you might need.

Outside of the Facebook page I will be giving lectures on how to get started developing for Microsoft Products, particularly Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 — as these are the technologies peoples are most interested in according to a poll I made. The first lecture will be dealing with how to implement Windows 8 Features including the search charm, live tiles and split view. Keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook group and this blog for more information about dates and times.

That’s all for now. Get signed up to the Facebook page and hopefully together we can make a community


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