Systems Analysis, Design and Process Group Coursework

Alongside my 2D Graphics Coursework, a JavaScript Orrery, I have spent much of this semester working on a group coursework for my Systems Analysis Design and Process module — called “Mr. Bump Management Solution”.

The premise of this coursework is that we work for a customer who runs a business called “Mr. Bump”, a car repair shop. He has trouble keeping track of all his stock and quotations he has issues to customers, and thinks that a computer system would help his situation.

Someone had already solicited our customers requirements and written a document containing a list of required functions from the software. So all we had to do was organize ourselves as a team, plan the software using Unified Modelling Language and Class Diagrams and then create a well built, user friendly application which satisfied all the needs of the customer — a taller order than it sounds. On top of that we had to make a presentation showing the lecturers how we organised ourselves as a team and we had to present a product demonstration to them as if they were our customers, Mr. Bump.

Fortunately I think we worked well as a team in the final few weeks of the project, and when it came to our Team Organisation Presentation and Program demonstration everything went without a hitch — so much so our lecturer said we should be happy with ourselves.

Based on that alone I’m hoping to get a decent first class grade. I will of course keep the blog updated when I get my results in January.


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