Microsoft Student Partner

The Perks of Working with Microsoft

Reasonably often I hear my friends saying how they’re dreading a certain lecture or hate writing a certain essay they have to do. I’ve never really experienced that, I love what I do and I think I get to do a lot of really cool stuff — from making games to mucking around with robots. Another of the things I adore about this subject is the opportunities  you get that a lot of other subjects don’t seem to get, a good example of this was yesterday when I got two emails from Microsoft.

The first email was to confirm to me that my free tickets to the App Builder Showcase at Modern Jago in London had been reserved. This event is particularly exciting because the special guest is Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft and one of my favorite people in the technology industry because of his famous enthusiasm for what he does. I can’t wait to meet the man himself and hopefully learn a lot of things about both the company and the industry as a whole from a man who’s been there since the foundation.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft - Somehow this man is in charge of one of the largest companies in the world ;)
Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft

The second email was to confirm my place at the Western European Microsoft Student Partner Summit in Dublin, Ireland. Microsoft are very kindly paying all my expenses, including getting there, staying in a hotel and all my food for the 3 days. They will also be putting on a range of events and activities ranging from learning about porting XNA to Windows 8 & Networking with MVPs and MSPs to going for Dinner at the Guinness Storehouse (Yay! ;)).

I shall of course be blogging about my experiences at both events, so check back for those!

And it would be rude not to end he post with a big thank-you to Microsoft for being so good to me, particularly Phil Cross and everyone else on the Academic Audience Team.


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