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Three Things, 24 Hours, 1 Game – Three Thing Game is Approaching

Well, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty excited for Monday morning — and anyone who knows me will be shocked that those words just appeared on my blog. The reason is that on Monday Rob Miles will be the auctioneer in the most important auction of the year, The Thing Auction, in which all the teams involved in Three Thing Game will be able to purchase the rights to use three things in their game.

Said teams will then spend the next 5 days writing their game before a 24 hour programming marathon to finish it off — starting Saturday at midday. On Sunday the games will all be judged by Rob & Co. and some winners will be chosen.

Having learnt a lot from our last Three Thing Game we’ve reformed “Uncle Mikes Recursive Prolog Party” under the slightly altered name “Did you mean Uncle Mikes Recursive Prolog Party?” This a play on the word recursion, which means the process of repeating items in a self-similar way. It also takes inspiration from googles ‘did you mean recursion?‘ joke.

Did You Mean Uncle Mikes Recursive Prolog Party? -- Image Lovingly Produced by Rob Crocombe
Did You Mean Uncle Mikes Recursive Prolog Party? — Image Lovingly Produced by Rob Crocombe

Unfortunately Sean wasn’t up for the competition this year but Rob Crocombe, Nick Case and I are fairly confident of our chances after another few months of programming experiance, and more importantly project management experience. We were also the first team to sign up this year, which for some reason I have convinced myself means that we’ll win 😉

I’ll keep the blog updated when we have our three things and start development. We’re also thinking about live streaming the entire 24 hours, so keep your eyes open for that 🙂

Finally, good luck to everyone involved. I wish you all the best of luck!


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