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Nokia DC-16 Portable Charger

When I went to the Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal I was pretty immobile due to being on crutches thanks to a broken foot. Therefore it was vital I could keep in contact with my family who were waiting for me at the end of the ceremony. I also knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I wanted to take as many pictures and videos as possible. My trusty Nokia Lumia 710 did the job… mainly.

Toward the end of the ceremony I have no videos at all because my phone ran out of charge. I wasn’t as upset about being unable to take anymore video as I was about being unable to contact my family and arrange a way to get home, even more annoying seeing as I couldn’t walk and Transport for London were using the event as a way to stress test the tube network, so it was a slow slog to get to the tube station and took over an hour to get onto a train. My family of course wouldn’t have known where I was and were worried. Fortunately through pure luck I managed to get on to the same connecting train as my family — the last train of the night in fact — so everything was O.K, but it was a close call!

That night I decided I would buy a portable charger to stop any such event happening again and ensuring that in the future I would always be connected to my loved ones and be able to take as much video and do as much photography, web browsing and other battery intensive tasks as I want! After some research I decided the Nokia DC-16 portable charger was the right device for me and ordered 2 – one for me and one for my mum.

Since I’ve had it I’ve used it a few times — it’s not something you’re going to use most days as my phone lasts around 14 hours with Wi-Fi on etc, even longer in battery saving mode — and each time I’ve been thankful I’ve had it. You never know where you’re gonna have to make or receive an important call or text or when you’ll see something you want to snap a photo of, and in much the same way you never know when a train delay is going to turn a 5 hour outing into a 12 hour nightmare. Its for this reason I always carry my DC-16 with me. 🙂

Thankfully I’ve found the DC-16 fits snugly into my Jeans pockets alongside my phone itself and it weighs almost nothing. When I get it out of my pocket to charge my device I find it’ll give it 2 or 3 full charges, so you could potentially go a few days charging just from the DC-16.

My favorite thing about the DC-16 however is its wide compatibility, its literally just a battery strapped to a USB. The cable that comes with it is a Micro-USB cable, the standard for all Smartphones — except iPhones. So just with that cable you can charge most phones. But if you really wanted you could just plug an apple charger into it and then have 100% compatibility. This just means that if you’re out and one of your friends phones runs out of charge you can help them out 🙂

I can’t recommend the DC-16 portable charger enough. 5 Stars.


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