10,000 people have read Danny – Computer Scientist

I started this blog back in Late September last year – just over 10 months ago. I started off with around 300 views a month and quickly accelerated to having over 1800 in a single month in March.

Recently I’ve reached some sort of equilibrium with an average of around 900 – 1,100 views a month.

As you can guess from the title this week I finally managed to get my 10,000th overall view 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading the blog. I hope to keep producing content you enjoy reading 🙂


One reply on “10,000 people have read Danny – Computer Scientist”

Your blog title is a bit misleading. You haven’t had 10,000 people, you’ve had 10,000 views.

Besides that, well done! Puts my blog to shame with a total of just 7000 views 😦 I always believe that if I had hosted my blog on wordpress rather than self hosting on my own site I would get more wordpress user views as my blogs don’t get put onto the wordpress site.

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