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Sweepy Cleaner is now Available on the Windows Phone Marketplace

Today Sweepy Cleaner passed certification and was added to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. You can download it here.

Some of you may notice that the version number is v0.1, this is because there are still a few features I want to add in before I consider it a complete version of the game, these include the full implementation of Photo Highscores, more realistic cleaner movement, an online highscore system and 12 more levels. All of these are already being worked on, so you can expect version 1.0 soon.

Why release the game now? Well, I wanted people to enjoy the basic fundamentals of the game ASAP, and according to my reviews on the marketplace so far they have done!

Draxfear gave the game 5 stars and said:

Fantastic game, especially menus & music!

ZeldaLegend92 gave the game 5 stars and said:

Brilliant game. Shame the cleaner doesn’t point the way it’s moving but still it’s fun to play! Good job

Not1Got1Xbox gave the geme 5 stars and said:

Fun little game, nice graphics, music and user interface! : – )

Fellow Hull Computer Scientist and blogger James Croft has also beaten me to the punch and wrote a review of Sweepy Cleaner which you can read here, thanks James!

As you can see from the image above lots of people have also been posting their scores to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Cleverly I included a link to download my game when a user posts their score, increasing awareness of the game. 🙂

Below you can see an image of what the game looks like on the Web Marketplace for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Marketplace - Sweepy Cleaner
Windows Phone Marketplace – Sweepy Cleaner

So get over there and download it now, and please be sure to submit feedback and provide a rating 🙂

Hopefully you’ll have a good experiance with the game, if you have any niggles please don’t hesitate to contact me about it providing as much detail as possible using the following email address:



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