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Choosing Modules for Year 2

The Lovely peice of code I just spent an hour “debugging” because my phones accelerometer had stopped working and it hadn’t told me and was actually fine all along

It’s hard to believe but we’re almost at the end of the first year of Computer Science at the University of Hull. That doesn’t mean we can stop thinking about university, our education and the future in general though — quite the opposite in fact. In about 2 weeks time we have to have finalized our module choices for next year.

Choosing what we want to specialize in is quite difficult, especially as so much is left down to us, we have one core module and have to choose 5 ourselves. Some of the modules we cannot take together because they clash and we have to choose a certain amount of semester 1, semester 2 and year long courses.

I’m making choices based on what I want to be doing in the future, as well as what I feel will give me a more rounded education and will ultimately teach me the most — we’re here to learn right? ;).

Today I read this excellent blog post by James Croft which describes the Electronics and Interfacing Module in which you program little robots. It looks like great fun, and because so few people do it its a great skill to have, oh and its taught by Rob Miles, who is one of the best lecturers at the University in my opinion. James describes it as “one of the most interesting modules I’ve done so far at uni.” What more could you ask for? If something interests me I tend to do well at it.

Its interesting that I’m so interested by this unit now, as I previously hadn’t even considered it. Below is a list of what I think I’ll be doing next year:

  1. Semester 1 only – 08220 Systems Analysis Design and Process (Core – We have to do this)
  2. Semester 1 only – 08240 2D Computer Graphics and User Interface Design
  3. Semester 1 and 2 – 08227 Advanced Programming
  4. Semester 1 and 2 – 08249 Electronics and Interfacing OR 08226 Artificial Intelligence (Undecided so far :()
  5. Semester 2 only – 08246 Networking and Web Technologies
  6. Semester 2 only – 08214 Simulation and 3D Computer Graphics

Interestingly the only module I’ve chosen which people on the far more popular Computer Science with Games Development BSC course don’t take is Networking and Web Technologies. and Electronics and Interfacing if I eventually choose that over AI (I’m on the Masters of Engineering Computer Science course, and I can choose their modules)

Anyway, I have coursework for the current year to get on with now so thats all for now,


7 replies on “Choosing Modules for Year 2”

I think I am going to choose my modules to optimise “Danny Time”. But i think i am going to choose AI. its a whole different paradigm and its with mike!

Hey Danny. First, thanks for reading my blog! Unlike you, I picked modules for my second year that would help me gain a wider knowledge of programming in general, rather than picking modules for my future. Now depending on what you really want to do in the future, I see you are doing the MEng course for CS so I would recommend that you take a module that you think will help you in the future. AI is definitely one if you intend on doing something with games.

I chose Electronics and Interfacing to work with the .NET Micro Framework. As a programmer who’s used the full .NET Framework and Compact framework for sometime, it was brilliant to use something which is so limited in terms of functionality.

I wish that I had taken Networking and Web Technologies as the Games Architecture side is learning about how Xbox and PS3’s architectures are, and then the coursework is split into two parts, creating a PowerVR architecture simulation in OpenGL ES for mobile devices and then a report comparing DirectX and PowerVR.

But the main point here is that you won’t be disappointed if you choose Electronics. It’s brilliant. And like you say, it’s Rob.

I just want to finally point out that Simon Grey could end up on your list of awesome lecturers.

I am not intent on doing games, and I love programming in .NET. I have programmed on fairly limited hardware (1Ghz 512mb RAM Windows Phones) but would like the experience on even more limited hardware, doing more native stuff, rather than being in a totally sandboxed environment.

I’m more interested in Web servers than gaming servers so I think this is the right choice.

Haven’t had Simon for anything yet, but Martin and Brayshaw are both on my list too 😉

You don’t actually learn how to make web servers. They are completely different parts to the modules. You will learn Networking with everyone who does both modules and then during the second half of the second semester you focus on the Web Technologies or Games Architecture. But if you’re more interested in the Web stuff it’s probably a lot better.

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