Today my Mum, Sister and I went to see some Medieval Jousting at Knebworth House, near Stevenage — the same place we’re going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in a few months time.

I’ve always loved history, especially anything that involves fighting with sharp implements of some form ūüėõ , add in some crowd participation — cheering for a certain team of knights — and it becomes a great day out for the whole family.

The event lasted about 45 minutes and included hand to hand battles with weapons including swords, maces, battle axes — there was even some wrestling moves.

The main event of course was horse riding and lance based stuff, including a knight catching a small metal ring thrown into the air from atop his horse with a lance, which was incredibly impressive, and finally some proper Jousting.

Jousting is when two knights — on the opposite sides of a fence — gallop towards each other on horses with large sticks called lances. Each knight tries to damage the others armour or throw his opponent off his horse by hitting him with the lance. The scoring system used is similar to that of boxing, with a knight receiving¬†2 points for making contact with his opponent and 4 points for damaging his sheild or “removing” him from his horse.

In the end the oppositions team won, but great fun was had by all. I couldn’t¬†recommend¬†it enough, it’s a¬†genuinely¬†great day out. The show we saw was put on by the amazing “Knights of Royal England” and you can check out if there are any events near you soon on the performers’ website here.


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