Having Too Many Plans

I was just talking to my dad, in my room, about the sacking of Luton Town Football Clubs manager, Gary Brabin. As he was walking out he took a look at my Rebellion Ticket. Unfortunately it seems to date I was going to the Olympics is bang smack in the middle of the Rebellion Festival weekend.

I assume everybody knows what the Olympics is — lets be honest, it would be hard not to with the amount of advertising for it, and controversy surrounding it in the last few years — but many of you may not know what the Rebellion Festival is.

The Rebellion festival is an annual event at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool playing host to over 200 Punk and Alternative bands, for example last year the headline acts was The Adicts, this year the headliners are Rancid and Public Image Limited, who are headed by Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols Fame. It spans over 4 nights and has a special atmosphere I haven’t felt elsewhere, you can dress, dance and act how you want a no-one would bat an eyelid. It’s strange but great.

Seen how I’ve always been more into seeing bands than watching sports I think I’m going to go to go to Rebellion Festival instead of the Olympics, it’d be much more fun for me. I just hope I manage to get my Game Maker oppertunity so that I can still be involved with the Olympics this year 🙂

It’s a shame when things clash, but that’s life.

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