The Death of a Hard Drive

In a continuation of my Desktop PC saga, my Samsung Spinpoint F Series Hard Disk Drive has decided to die an untimely death, especially irritating just before the 3 thing game 24-hour development weekend. My PC certainly chooses its moments.

Upon boot I get a warning that my Samsung disk has experianced a S.M.A.R.T error, which stops the boot process and requires me to manually boot from the SSD.

Doing a little more digging with a program called ActiveSMART I have found that the problem is with the “Disk Spin Up Time”. Essentially the disk isn’t starting up fast enough and this could be a sign of immediate total failure. (i.e. The disk wiping all the data on itself).

I can still get to the Hard Drives data at the moment (every 2 or 3 boots it eventually shows up), but it isn’t really usable at the moment, so it shall be going back to Samsung (who’s hard drive division have just recently been bought by Seagate… so it’ll be going back to one of them.)

Fortunately I have many back-up systems in place including 24/7 syncing with the SkyDrive cloud storage service and my Laptop via Windows Live Mesh and manual back-up with my University of Hull user space, which I did yesterday. Good timing.

So, the good news is I havn’t lost any coursework, three thing game work or infact anything. But the bad news it that until I get a new or replacement hard drive I only have the remaining 8 or so gigabytes of storage on my Solid State Drive, which isn’t designed for mass file storage.

Anyway, if this isn’t a lesson to always keep recent back-ups I dont know what is.


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