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Three Thing Game Sign-Up

Today I signed up for Three Thing Game in a team with Rob, Nick and Sean under the name “Uncle Mikes Recursive Prolog Party”, a bit of a University of Hull computer science in-joke and a nod to one of our lecturers who simply loves to mention recursion and the programming language prolog as much as possible.

Three thing game is a week long game development competition for University of Hull Computer Science Students ending in a 24 hour stay-up-all-night development event, based around three themes given to teams at random.

Next Monday is the “thing auction”, an event at which we “buy” the “things” (essentially themes) around which are game will be based using “Thing Money”. From then on we will be devloping the game until the preceding Saturday at which point we will all assemble in the Fenner Computer Laboratory for a 24-Hour continuous development session with Pizza!

It’ll be fun to get together with my fellow programmers on the Saturday through to Sunday, work in a team, and hopefully make an awesome game. Theres also an oppertunity to win some prizes.

On the judging panel this year is Stuart Lovegrove, an executive from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, who works at their Liverpool Studios, it’ll be exciting to meet someone who has done so well in the game development industry.

Expect to see whatever we make over the Three Thing Week in the Windows Phone Marketplace soon!

If you want you can read more about the competition at Rob Miles’ blog.


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