Mobile Application Development University

Learning XNA with Sweepy Cleaner

So, a few days ago we got our ACW 2 brief for the Programming 2 module. Our task, should we choose to accept it, is to make an “all action domestic cleaning game” or a  bank management application. Wanting to learn how to use Microsoft’s XNA Framework, which is used to make games for Windows, Windows Phone 7 and XBOX, I chose the former.

So far I have learnt quite  a lot (mainly from Rob Miles’ XNA Game Studio 4 book) including how to animate a sprite (which you can see being done with the world most realistic vacuum cleaner sprite in the video above), how to record and manage touch input (which is used to see when a button has been pressed) and how to use “Launchers and Choosers” (for example launch internet explorer, which I do to show the Sweepy Cleaner website)

For the moment I have only created the menu which has the following functions:

  • Allows the user to click to play the game
  • Allows the user to view highscores
  • Allows the user to visit the sweepy cleaner website
  • Allows the user to see who made the app and other information about the app itself
  • Allows the user to see other apps published by me in the store
  • Allows the user to rate “Sweepy Cleaner”

I’m currently in the process of writing code to decide if a user has achieved a new Highscore or is in the top 5 (or indeed if they have the worst score ever!) and then save these highscores to an XML file in Isolated Storage.

That’s all for now,

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