New Years Eve on Westminster Bridge

I think the above image sums up a great new years eve night in London! Yesterday the lovely Jess and I headed up to London for a day out followed by the amazing London New Years Eve Fireworks show. This years event was particularly special because its this year that London will be playing host to the Olympic Games.

During the day we visited Covent Garden and Camden Town and stocked up on supplies for the evening. After our dinner at Nandos near London Bridge Jess and I attempted to meet her friend Rachel, but this was somewhat difficult due to sheer scale of the event with literally millions of people in and around the city centre, It was hindered further by the multiple road and bridge closures which had to be made by P0lice for crowd control.

After giving up on the search and looking at several “Designated Viewing Areas” including behind The London Eye we found our way on to Westminster Bridge. This was arguably the best place to be in London as we had great views not only of the Thames and the London eye, but the “Big Ben” Clock tower on the Houses of Parliament as well. This year was the first time fireworks had ever been fired from the clock tower itself and it was incredibly impressive.

The Fireworks Kicked off as soon as Big Ben struck 12:00 Midnight and continued for a full twelve minutes with probably thousands of fireworks. The whole event lasted 5 hours, we found our place on Westminster Bridge around 10pm and only got back to our hotel at 3 due to the, understandably, overwhelmed public transport system, but we had a great time regardless and I’d definitely recommend that everyone does it at least once!

Below you can see more pictures of our outing including pictures of Jess and I trying on a Policeman’s helmet!

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