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Won a Samsung Focus Flash & Went House Hunting

Today’s been a pretty good day! A few days ago I entered a competition held by Microsoft Students UK, the details of which you can see here and today I received confirmation that I had won a phone with my submission of Evil Squash :). I think its pretty good when you do a coursework, get a grade of 96% for it and then win a £400 phone for it! So glad I took computer science 😛

I spent a lot of the day after receiving the news adding in multi-tasking support to my application in order to ready it for submission to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

At 5 I went for a somewhat hurried dinner and then got on the bus for hull to go house hunting! This was a new experience for me having never lived in a house away from my home in Dunstable before and I must say I enjoyed it. We’re looking for a house of 8 people and the first property we were shown was 2 sets of 4 person flats next to each other. I wasn’t too keen on these as they were quite far away from the uni and I felt a little cramp, even though they were well maintained.

The second property we looked at was an 8 Person house much closer to the uni and I thought it was fantastic! The rooms were spacious, the utilities were modern and the deal included unlimited internet a TV license and a TV for around £84 a month. Not too shabby. 🙂

Gallery of the 8 Bedroom House

That sums up my day really,

2 replies on “Won a Samsung Focus Flash & Went House Hunting”

Danny, a piece of advice from one CS blogger to another, be careful about the content you post on your blog.

This industry is all about professionalism, and if I were looking to employ you, seeing you posting pictures of other peoples homes (private property) on the internet would make me think twice about shortlisting you as a potential candidate!

I don’t mean to sound condescending, I have been in a situation once where my blog has prevented me getting a web design job and it’s really not pleasant. With your success in the recent Microsoft competition, you will be gaining a lot of interest from prospective employers, and you will want to be putting a good image of yourself out there! 🙂

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