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SSD – The S’s stand for speed!

Today my OCZ Agility 3, 2.5 inch SSD which I ordered last week finally arrived, as soon as I got it I started unrevealing the mess that is the interns of my PC and adding the drive to my machine, it was a simple job in which I just had to connect a SATA cable and a power cable.

Because I bought a reasonably small capacity SSD — only 60GB — I’m using it as my boot drive, so it only contains windows and a few of my most used programs, both of which had to be installed again, due to the increased speed over my 7200RPM hard drive Windows 7 was installed in a mere 8 minutes compared to the 40 minutes I’m used to.

"My SSD is faster than your HDD" Sticker
"My SSD is faster than your HDD" Sticker

So far I’ve noticed some other performance gains including a much faster boot up, measurable in seconds rather than minutes as well as Visual Studio being much faster from a cold boot.

Thats all for now,
Danny 🙂

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