A Saturday Night at Sarries

(A Worrying Image…Shaun, Jess and I impersonating the V for Victory Hand Sign Harry Galuszka uses in all his damn uni pictures ;))

Today I spent at home, playing Minecraft with Michael (I seriously still don’t understand it) working on his website and watching TV with the family for a bit, as well as eating some tasty, tasty home cooked bacon. I like when I dont have to cook for myself :P. In the late afternoon I met Jess from work and we had a meal at the Harvester in Hockliffe who seriously need to work on their portions of chips (more than 4 or 5 would be nice)

As you can see, tonight was great fun as is every night that has even a dashing of Snakebite. We spent the whole night in the Saracens Head in Dunstable because our usual drinking hole, The Old Sugar Loaf, is under renovation and closed for a few weeks, this meant that the Sarries was the most packed I’ve ever seen it, to the point where I could only get in once someone had left for Health and Safety reasons.

We drunk probably too much before heading to KFC for a snackbox — my first in 3 months (I was previously an addict :P) and them stumbling back to Jess’ house. Good times.


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