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The Specials & Jess Visit

(A Video of the Awesome Specials Introduction at Hull Arena Last Night)

Missed a few days of blogging again, I’ve been rather busy! I’ve had a great weekend up in Cottingham and Hull as Jess came to visit Friday night and stayed till this evening. Friday night I had a programming practical which I had completed the previous night, and then a Tutorial session.  Around 5pm I met Jess at the Hull Interchange and we set off on our way back to Cottingham to do a food shop and get settled in. During the evening we went to Spectrum club in Hull City Centre for their punk night, which was awesome with lots of great music! Below is a picture of a poster showing what sort of stuff they were playing;

Spectrum Pop Club Punk Night
Spectrum Pop Club Punk Night

Saturday night we were torn between doing to Brassik – The University Union Cheap night, or Spiders — a local rockers club, so we opted to do neither and had a great time playing FIFA 12 on the PlayStation 3’s in the Lawns Centre, which is the bar on my Halls Campus.

Sunday night we went to see The Specials, below is a gallery of pictures I took;

As you may be able to tell from the video we were on the front row, right in the centre literally staring straight at Lead Singer Terry Hall. It was the best seat (standing place?!) in the house, we couldn’t have got better! Shown in the picture gallery is our signed set list. Neville Staples picked Jess out of the crowd, handed a security guard a slip of paper to pass on and when Jess opened it up show was delighted to see it was a signed set list! It was a truly amazing gig, especially as it was only 30 mins on a bus from where I live.

After the show we thought it would be a good idea to see how far we could walk back without having to stop and call a cab — we made it the whole way home from the Hull Arena to The Lawns. Below you can see a map of our route (click to zoom out) — its quite a way, but was worth it for the frequent pizza and fried chicken stops. 😉

Today Jess and I went attended my lectures — she assures me she is fascinated by the intricacies of Process queueing at an operating system level and will be continuing her research at home :P. In the evening we attempted to get Jess home on the train — I say attempted because it was a bit of a hardship.

Jess realised once she reached the station she had forgotten her ticket. It was far too late to go back to the flat to retrieve it and so we tried to get her on the train using a ticket reference number, which we would have got by asking someone I trust to go in my room and read it to us. However we were informed by the trains guard (whom we had tracked down) that this would not be possible. He referred us to the trains conductor, who was a very friendly woman who said she would allow Jess to travel all the way to Sheffield without her ticket but could not guarantee she would get any further along her way home due to the fact the other trains she would have needed were operated by other companies. First trains were excellent in their attempts to help us.

I said I would pay for Jess to buy another ticket after we found that her ticket that she had forgotten would no longer be valid anyway due to the fact she turned the Sheffield train offer down. At this point I realised I had no money on my debit card so would need to make a bank transfer from one of my other accounts… then both our phones refused to connect to the internet even though that had previously. You can see how this quickly became a nightmare. In the end I stormed into a 3 store and just started using one of their PCs without asking, when question I explained the situation and said hows Jess’s 3 phone wasn’t connecting so we’d be using their PCs. The woman in the 3 shop in Hull was a fantastic help :).

Eventually I transferred enough money to myself to withdraw £30 from my card to pay for Jess’s train ticket and so we commenced the mad dash to the train, which was unnecessary — we still by some miracle had 10 minutes to spare. I saw Jess off, came home (whilst listening to the Specials on the bus ofcouse) got some food, cleaned my room and now I’m writing this.

And that finishes a great weekend 🙂

Thanks for Reading,

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