Searching Algorithms, Cleaning the Pig Sty & Freeside

Today was that lovely day I have each week where I don’t have a lecture at 9:15 in the morning.  So I spent my day relaxing, tidying my room and attending my one lecture on different ways of searching using algorithms, which I personally in my sad little way found fascinating. I love logic and problem solving.

Above you can see the end result of the cleaning, stored forever on the internet to show the one day I will manage to keep it safe for human habitation.

Tonight I set up a 3 Network Sim card on my old ZTE Blade Android phone so that Jess can use her 5000 free 3 to 3 calls to ring me and save on contract costs (is the word three starting to sound weird yet? :P). I also joined the Freeside IRC channel and made some friends and learnt more about the group, it’ll be fun joining them from time to time, especially now that I have my own  user on their cake server with some web-space!

Im trying to keep my blogs more consise and readable, so thats all for now!

Thanks for Reading,

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