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Signing up for Societies and Worldwide Lighthouses Errors

Today was an enjoyable day :). I woke up late on the day of rest, around midday and spent some time talking to Jessica before heading into cottingham to get some essentials from the co-op — particularly bread! Its interesting how I’ve gone from buying just any old bread to spending a minute or some comparing deals and working out what is the best deal, I’ve discovered every penny saved helps — Hovis is 20p cheaper than Warburtons — thats 1/10th of a pint of Snakebite!

When I got back I promptly made myself some tasty bacon toasties (without setting anything on fire, which was a bonus!). Soon dinner rolled around which was Sunday Roast. It was nice but I think I can describe the Yorkshire pudding best by using a 4Chan Style green text story.

>Be in Yorkshire
>Have Yorkshire Pudding
>This should be amazing
>Oh god this is horrible
>Son, I am dissapoint 

After dinner I officially signed up for societies (RockSoc and ComSoc) and my societies card, I think this was £8.90 well spent as both offer an opportunity to make lots of new friends with similar interests to me as well as tons of activities from Saturday nights out to Spiders to LAN gaming parties on a Wednesday afternoon.

Later, in preparation for such an event I played a few round of Counter Strike: Source with Shaun. After I’d got bored of being absolutely destroyed (I used to be good, honest!) I started working on a new Administration Panel for Worldwide Lighthouses.

For those who don’t know me well or haven’t read my previous blog entries I shall introduce you to Worldwide Lighthouses. It is essentially a website run by my brother to showcase his photography — his subject is more often than not an aid to nautical navigation. It runs a bespoke Content Management System which I created in PHP, using MySQL as a backend database — the creation of which has spurred me on into programming and Computer Science in general, so the project has been mutually beneficial for me and my brother.

Today I was coding a more secure log in and user account control system for the Administration system which of course resulted in a few errors (pictured above) which have yet to be cleaned up, but I’m sure will be done tomorrow.

I’ve just had a shower and I’m ready for a good long sleep before an early start and busy day tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

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>Go to the isles of scilly
>Have cornish pasty

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