Not posted for 2 days…

So again I’ve let the blogging slip, which is a real shame as I’ve enjoyed doing it! I can report that I’m still enjoying myself at univerisity and have started to make some proper programmes for my Computer Science Course including the one shown above, which takes information about fuel type, amount of tax time required and CO2 emissions and then provides a price based on the 3 factors.

The program starts by deciding which emission band the vehicle is in, the least polluting are in class AA and the most polluting are in class D, based on the fuel type selected by the user it then checks the price for a year and half year in each class for the type of fuel. Finally based on whether the user chose 6 months or a year it shows them a dialogue with information about their car and the amount of tax they have to pay, shown below.

Car Tax Calculator Result
Car Tax Calculator Result

This is the first program I had written using  the Windows Presentation Foundation API and I must say it is a massive improvement over WinForms!

Other than making this and the previously mentioned Cinema Age Validation Program I have spent much of the weekend speaking the Jess on MSN and generally relaxing after a long hard week, its been a much needed break!

You can download the Car Tax Calculator here
and the Cinema Age Validator here: 

Thanks for Reading

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