Maths, maths and more maths!

(The two A4 sheets which have taken up much of my night, and have helped me learn interesting subjects such as  Scientific Notation, Significant Figures, Decimal Places, Rounding, Percentages, Modular Arithmetic, Logarithms, Expand, Factorise & Prime Factorisation)

Today was the start of my first full week of proper lectures and it started with a 9:15 lecture on Quantitive Methods for Computing — which as the name suggests is all about the mathematics behind computer programming. The lecture was an introduction to the module and touched on some basics such as Number systems (including a brief history of integers from Roman Numerals (and why its not such a great system due to the lack of a 0) to the modern day system we use originally thought up by Arabic people).

2 hours later, around lunch time, I also had my first computer systems lecture which explained the course. Essentially we will be looking into computer architectures and hardware as well as the function of Operating Systems. This sounds like it will be an enjoyable module, and many CS students will probably agree with me judging by the amount of people who raised their hand to say they had built their own computer — well over 90%.

About 3:15 we had our first QMfC Tutorial, where Dr Gordon provided additional support and gave us some works sheets to go through to be marked against model answers later in the week as well as our scores to Fridays diagnostics test — since then I have been working hard to go through the sheet as I need to work really hard to get my maths up to the level that is required for my CS degree.

Directly after the tutorial I had a Programming Lecture which was an introduction to what computers are (technically) and algorithms, both of which also look to be pretty interesting. Unfortunately Rob Miles couldn’t be there as he is in Berlin for some Windows Phone 7 conferences, however the lecture was still quite humorous — which is good as that helps me learn.

When I got back to the lawns I immediately had dinner as it was almost 6 and I hadn’t eaten since my Jacket Potato and Cheese at 11:30, chilled for about 45 minutes and then left for my compulsory 1 hour lecture on Fire safety, very kindly presented by Humberside Fire Brigade, whilst in student housing, which was both full of interesting facts and somewhat unnerving.  Since then the lovely Jessica has been helping me with my mathematics as she got an A at AS and is currently in the process of taking A2, which is the time when many of the theories and methods are taught.

Im exhausted after today so thats all for now, thanks for reading!

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