First Practical Session, Surprise Girlfriend Visit & Asylum

So yesterday I had my first practical session in the Fenner Building labs. This was an enjoyable session that included navigating around the internet systems, registering for several external sites related to our course — including one which automatically recognises plagerism in text and code — and writing a few simple programs, including the obligatory “Hello World”. Unfortunately this also included an A-Level/Level 4 level maths test, having only taking GCSE maths this proved to be difficult and i scored a poor score of only 29%, so now I know I need to really work on my maths.

The session lasted for around 2 hours and then I was free to leave and collect my new HTC 7  Mozart — a Windows Phone 7 device. I spent much of the rest of the day updating it to mango, adding my email accounts and music and generally fiddling with it. I also had the experience of bringing my huge Antec 500 case desktop on a bus to get the networking issue I have had for the past week fixed, it was embarrassing having so many people look at me as if to say “That’s not a laptop”.

Later that evening Jess’ mum offered to pay for her train faire to get to Hull to visit me, and within hours of finding out she was coming I was at Hull interchange station to greet her! It was great to see her 🙂 We went home, had a few drinks and then went to see Sarah Cox at the Asylum night club at the Students Union. It was great fun and included drinking more than a few snakebites (and Malibu for Jess)!

Today we went to the Student Union for food and then on into Hull to go to the shopping centre and generally hang around. It was good fun and it included seeing the piano man shown in the video above! Hulls regeneration including the building of that shopping centre is really good and it is actually a great place to visit for the day, especially if you like fish!

For now however I’m off out to a HUU Rock Society meeting at the Spider rock club in Hull City Centre, followed by a trip to the Students Unions (in)famaous Brassik night!

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