Archery and Societies

(Unfortunately it was somewhat difficult to take a picture of me holding a bow and arrow, so here’s one of other people ;))

An integral part of University life is learning to do new things — its the entire reason I and everyone else is here, but this doesn’t stop at the subject you take or even academia entirely. This is where the Athletic Union and Societies step in and provide extra-curricular activies, trips and a great way to meet new people.

The AU had an event yesterday where all the different sporting teams showed up and tried to woo some new members into joining. As more of a geek than a sportsmen I wasn’t too interested, however I did pick up a free archery taster session leaflet which I used later today. Today was the turn of the societies, there was a good turn out with societies ranging from course specific — such as the Law Society and the Business Society — to political societies — such as Labour and Conservative — to religious societies such as The Islamic Society and the Christian Society. As you would expect there we’re also some random Societies such as HUGS (The Hull Union Go-Karting Society). Only two of those available really interested me, these were ComSoc, the computer society, and the Hull Rock Soc who organise nights out to local rock gigs and meet up to talk about rock music, fashion and news.

Today I decided it would be fun to give the free taster session of Archery a go as I had a day totally free of lectures. I met with the people who run the society at 1:45 outside HUU and we were lead to a large field on the other side of the campus which had 4 targets set up on it as you can see in the above picture. We waited for around half an hour for more people to turn up and then we were given the all important safety talk. Essentially do as you’re told and don’t hit anyone. After this we queued in front of one of the ranges, dependent on sex and height and then had to wait to take out thee shots. I missed the target with my first (I was holding the bow in a slightly cack handed fashion) and hit the outside blue and inside white with my other two arrows. It’s definitely a society I’m going to consider joining, I really enjoyed it.

After the archery I was starving so I went and had lunch and a pint of coke at the Sanctuary bar in the Student union, a hickory chicken and chips, a great choice! Whilst in the union I saw the O2 people, who are offering student deals all this week in the union on new contracts and PAYG phones. Being in desperate need of a new phone and coming to the end of my contract with the diabolical Orange I decided to opt for a 24 month contract (at £24 a month after haggling with the salesman — down from £27) with the HTC 7 Mozart Windows Phone 7 device. It looks like a beautiful phone and I shall review it once I receive it tomorrow!

Since then I’ve had a phone call with Jess and a Skype video chat with my family, both of which were very enjoyable. Tonight I plan to stay in and get on with some web design work I’ve been putting off for a while.

Thanks for reading,

3 replies on “Archery and Societies”

Tbh Danny, you did well to hit the target going by the picture. Looks like they have a reasonable set-up with the big range. Did my pro archery tips work?

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