I’m now officially a University of Hull Student!

Today was my second proper day at the UoH and I must say I’m loving it so far! Today I woke up about 8:30, got ready as fast as possible and ran for the bus which took me to the university for about 9:05. Once I got there it was a mad dash to the Wilberforce building (Lecture hall 2) for our Academic Induction — this provided us with information on Safety, Members of the Department & Professionalism (effectively telling us the actions taken against people who plagerise or are consistently late or not in attendance). The faculty of Science comes down very hard on such people.

The Wilberforce building is built in recognition of a famous hull resident William Wilberforcewho helped to abolish the slave trade. Supposedly the building was built in the shape of a slave ship so as to remind people not to go back to those ways. I for one, cannot see it.

The Wilberforce Building
The Wilberforce Building - Can you see a slave ship?

After the induction Sean, Rob and I had an hour to kill until our next meeting so we decided to check out what the gym facilities are like on campus, we we’re semi impressed. It is better than the council owned facility in Dunstable, but not nearly as good as the facilities as DW sports.

After we had our tour round the gym we went and sat in the SU garden for a while to kill some more time. 11:15 rolled round pretty quickly and we were back in WI-LH2 for a Year 1 orientation which was all about Personal Development & Professionalism — which the university takes very seriously, as it makes study better during the time at Hull and makes the likelihood of getting a job much better too. The meeting concluded around 12:05 on the subject of maths and the impending exam, which is on Friday — I cant wait. Sigh.

After being in WI-LH2 for so long it was nice to be in the open air of the Student Union Sanctuary Bar Garden for an hour and a half whilst we waited to officially register with the university and receive our student ID cards — during this time I ordered an individual size margarita pizza from the Sanctuary bar, it was really tasty and fantastic value for money at £2.70.

Registering was simple, really professionally handled and seamless. It took all of around 5 minutes to show them my proof of student loan for my tuition fee and give them all the information they needed as well as collect my card.

After we had registered we had a quick look round the Sporting Societies tent — I’m not massively into any sports but I was eustatic when I recieved a voucher for a free shoot at the archery range! I Immediately texted Shaun who is a pro archer.  Once we had seen all the stalls and received all the millions of handouts we headed back to the Lawns on the bus — two turned up at once, which was pretty good as it meant all the people waiting outside the uni got home quickly (for once!).

Once I was home I dropped my stuff off in the flat and proceeded to go into the Village of Cottingham to buy some passport photos for my Residents Card which will allow me to use the bar and resturant facilities in the Lawns Centre from here on in — I took this opportunity to also get some cash out. The walk to and from Cottingham is a pleasant one as the village is actually quite pleasent, rather different to the usual image people depict when they talk of Hull, and Humberside in general.  (Interesting side note – the Lawns are in East Yorkshire, whilst the University is in the new county of Humberside)

Since then I’ve had dinner and now I’m sitting in my flat writing this blog entry. Here’s the view from my flat right now (5:53pm)

View from the Lawns (1)
View from the Lawns (1)
View from the Lawns (2)
View from the Lawns (2)

Later my entire block are going on a pub crawl to 4 bars and a club with our Freshers Parents (the people who look after us from the year above and get us acquainted with local activities during freshers week). Hopefully that will be as good fun as last night, which I spent with some quality lads from Nicholson Block A – where my friend Sean lives. Chase and status “played” a DJ set, but it was essentially watching people dance to a CD with an MC constantly shouting “Wheres the mosh pit?” over the top. Pro Tip: there wasn’t one.

Asylum before Chase & Status
Asylum before Chase & Status

Anyway, thats all for now, I’m really happy I’m enjoying freshers week!

Thanks for Reading!

4 replies on “I’m now officially a University of Hull Student!”

Welcome to the University mate! I’m a third year student studying CS as well (Also a blogger!

First year of CS is mostly pretty easy if you have your head screwed on, but there’s always times when it gets tough. I noticed you’re interested in the Archery society, you’ll be happy to know it is chock-a-block full of very smart third year computer scientists who are more than happy to help out a fellow archer should you choose to join!

Hope you enjoy your time here man, it’s been the best 3 years of my life so far.

Nice, ill add you to my blogroll! I’ve already complete Rob Miles’ Yellow Book so I think I’m at a bit of an advantage for the programming modules (touch wood!) I went to the archery taster today (see my post later), if you see me say hi! I’m pretty distinctive. I don’t actually have spiked hair most of the time but I usually have a bullet belt on and some Red boots! 😛

Hey I’ve just finished a 4 year course of computer science at Hull and thought I’d give you a few tips:

1. Professionalism. The department says it takes it seriously but don’t lose sleep over it. I gave up writing the log after the second week and stopped visiting my supervisor regularly after the first year and I can’t say it’s really affected me. The only thing I would recommend is that you make sure at least one member of academic staff knows you so you can get a good reference when you leave.

2. Get involved in as plenty extracurricular activities as possible (SU societies, Hullfire, JamRadio, Microsoft Imagine Cup ). It’s this extra stuff that get’s you a job in the end as well as your degree.

3. You probably didn’t want to post a photo of your student card on the net in that detail. Firstly someone (clever computer science types 😉 ) could print it out and use the bar code to get books out of the library under your ID and secondly departmental class test marks are given out by student number so I’d keep it to yourself.

Best of Luck


Thanks for reading JBL!

1) I assumed that’s how it would be, its much the same the whole way through state school and 6th form.

2) I plan too, especially the Microsoft competitions, such good prizes!

3) Yeah, that’s actually such a stupid thing to have done, I’m gonna edit the bar code and number out now xD

Thanks, I hope you do well at whatever you move on to do too


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