Register, Register, Register

(A map of the buildings at The University of Hull – of which I visited 3 – the Robert Blackburn, Hardy and Ferans)

Well, last nights trip to the acoustic night didn’t go too well. We waited for a bus for 45 minutes before deciding to back down and just go to The Lawns Centre Bar instead. It was a good night, with card games, quizzes and metal music in the background — hopefully it’ll be a frequent occurrence.

Today was the first weekday I have been at the university so this of course meant registering to my department and registering for a GP ‘oop north’ here in Hull. I got up about 8am, which for me is early and almost surprising!  I proceeded to have a shower and get dressed and made my way to the bus stop with my flatmate Rob and my friend from back in Dunstable — Sean, both of which are also taking computer science.

We got to the massive Robert Blackburn building about 10 O’clock and went to room 312 to get our departmental as well as university registration forms. This consisted of around 6 pages of personal details and took around 20 minutes to fill in. We did this in the great surroundings of the Student Union Pub garden (which also had a wi-fi connection for my laptop once we’d finished to research foo fighters albums! Awesome!)

After all the forms we were feeling pretty peckish so we went to the great ‘Quickbite Cafe and internet lounge’ in the SU. I had a cheese Jacket Potato and a glass bottle of Coke zero – possibly the perfect lunch?!

After we had our fill we headed to the Hardy building — Lecture hall 1 for an induction and explanation of the course (including telling us how if we wanted to do internet services, we should be in scarborough!). This answered a lot of questions and also allowed us to sign up to the British Computer Society — The Chartered Institute for IT. This was exciting and I think it’s excellent its included for free as part of the course here at Hull.

After this we had another 1 hour break to kill before going to hand in our registration materials and collect a timetable and course handbook, both of which are vital! This only took 5 minutes for me, but sean was at the back of the queue and it took almost 3 hours for him! I got really lucky.

Rob and I were discussing on the way out what day we had to register with a local GP (a compulsory part of staying in uni accommodation and joining a course — as well as a vital safety precaution). Fortunetly  we passed a sign telling us it was today and showing us directions to the Ferens building where the GP registration was taking place.

Chosing a doctor involved looking at the services offered and location — I opted for New Hall Surgery as it was close to my halls of residence here at The Lanws as well as allowing me to make appointments online, which is a very useful feature. Signing up took a further two forms! Fun, Fun, Fun!

That was the end of my day as far as academic stuff goes.

When I got back to The Lawns I went on MSN with Jessica and took a few phone calls from my family. Half way through this I had dinner at the Lawns Centre, which included getting my new Residents card and paying £3 for the privilege. I have to go and get some passport photos tomorrow to complete it.

Tonight I’m going to see Chase & Status — a Pop Dance group, not really to my usually punky taste. I’ve seen them before and thought they were crap because they had more guest singers than songs!  Literally. Hopefully they impress me a little more tonight!



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